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A timeline of K-drama stalwarts Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In’s love story

Popular Korean actors Lee Seung Gi and wife Lee Da In tied the knot on 7 April at the Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas Hotel in Gangnam. Now that the couple are enjoying their marital bliss, here’s a look into their dramatic love story.

On 7 February, Lee Seung Gi took to Instagram in a rather cute way to announce his wedding to his then-girlfriend and now wife Lee Da In. He posted a handwritten letter to break the news to his fans, calling it “most important decision” in his life, while asking for their support and good wishes for their life together. But their love story has not been easy. Read up on all the drama behind one of the most talked about relationships in the Korean entertainment industry.

All you need to know about Lee Seung Gi and wife Lee Da In’s love story

lee seung gi lee da in wife love story relationship
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Korean singer and actor Lee Seung Gi made his singing debut in 2004, and became a fan favourite in no time. His popular numbers, like Because You’re My Girl, Words that Are Hard to Say and more had ruled the charts back in the day when they were released. The singer made his acting debut in 2009 and since then, has been a part of many popular movies and TV shows.

Lee Da In, on the other hand, comes from a prominent family of actors and made her acting debut with the series Hwarang, and later on became a part of popular Korean movies, like Life Risking Romance. She was last seen in Alice and recently confirmed the next K-drama she will be starring in, titled Lovers. She is the daughter of South Korean veteran actress Kyeon Mi Ri and the younger sibling of actress Lee Yoo Bi.

According to reports, the two actors bonded over their shared interests for acting and golf, and started dating at the end of 2020. He started hanging out and spending more time with her whenever he was not filming. Later, Lee Da In’s agency also confirmed their relationship.

Lee Seung Gi’s Instagram post read, “Hello, this is Lee Seung Gi. It seems that I have many reasons to write long posts this year. Today, I am relaying the most important decision of my life. I have decided to spend the remainder of my life with Lee Da In, whom I love, not just as a couple but as a married couple. I proposed, and she accepted. We are holding our wedding on April 7.”

He also added, “Now that I have someone to take responsibility of forever, I wanted to happily relay this news to you directly. She is someone with a lot of warmth and love, and she is someone I want to keep by my side forever. I want to share our happiness together, and even if there are difficult times in life, I want to overcome those difficulties together without letting go of each other’s hands. I hope you will show support for our future ahead, and we will live happily while continuing to give back to others. Thank you.”

What is the drama around their relationship?

For those of you who don’t know, Lee Da In’s family holds a criminal history, courtesy her stepfather Lee Hong Heon. He was charged with stock manipulation and insider trading on different occasions. He was arrested twice for manipulating KOSDAQ’s stock prices.

Not just that, he also reportedly misused the family’s fame to pitch to investors for the company. Once he got the investors on board, he then inflated the cost of the company’s shares, after which he earned a massive profit. This scam angered a lot of people, and a lot of families were affected because of this financial fraud.

On the other hand, Lee Seung Gi himself has been a victim of scam. In December 2022, he filed a lawsuit against his company HOOK Entertainment, after he realised they had been withholding accurate payments and accounting from him.

Lee Seung Gi’s fans are angry as he is going to be associated with a family with criminal history, despite having been scammed himself. Fans have even started protesting ever since the actor confirmed the news of their wedding.

Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In’s breakup rumours

lee seung ri wife lee da in relationship timeline love story scam
Image credit: @leeseunggi.official/Instagram

In 2022, the rumours of their breakup started to do the rounds. The actor broke his silence and released a statement on his official website. “I have been staying quiet despite many turmoils because first of all, I thought emotional words could undermine the clarity of my thoughts. I was afraid it would only leave a bigger and deeper wound. Secondly, I was afraid communication between us could be easily distorted by the outsiders and result in even more rumours and gossip. So please understand why I have not released any statement despite continued requests from some of you,” he wrote.

“I have no change in status or stance after the relationship news last year. I did not feel the need to further address that part but I apologise if this made you feel cold-shouldered,” he added.

All Images: Courtesy Instagram

A timeline of K-drama stalwarts Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In’s love story

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