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TXT members’ net worth: Who’s the richest artist of the K-pop group?

TOMORROW X TOGETHER aka TXT have made major breakthrough in the K-pop space in just three years since its debut. Their unique catalogue of songs has resonated with the masses, with the band witnessing sold-out tour stops, top Billboard rankings and collaborations with a slew of notable brands. In lieu of these successes, TXT’s net worth has risen manifold and all five members including Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and HueningKai, have also minted impressive sums.

Their solid position in the global music scene has led labels across Japan, South Korea and more to collaborate with them. Another testament to TXT’s massive fandom is their phenomenally successful 2022 world tour ‘Act: Lovesick’ as well as their upcoming ‘Act: Sweet Mirage’ tour (whose tickets are being snapped up at the earliest).

This brings us to the buzzing question about the group’s fortune. Here’s everything we know about the net worth, earnings, and collaborations of the “It boys” of K-pop’s fourth generation.

TXT’s net worth

From personal care to beauty brands, TXT has a diverse portfolio when it comes to brand collaborations. The boys represent the Japanese beauty brand, ‘Manyo Factory’ as well as the Korean beauty brand, ‘4OIN FOREUL’.  The Korean company picked TXT in 2021, crediting their ‘colourful charms’ and ‘positive energy’ for the association.

More recently, the K-pop group was appointed as the first global ambassador for the premium personal care brand ‘Kundal’. For their collaboration with TXT, the eco-friendly brand plans to introduce a natural hair care product line that will include shampoo, serum, treatment and more.

The group has also recently broken several records, cementing its credibility further. TOMORROW X TOGETHER became the first Korean act to perform at Lollapalooza with their stint in July 2022. TXT is the first K-pop group to bag the Hero of the Year accolade at the United Kingdom’s NME Awards, previously given to influential personalities like Barack Obama and Beyoncé.

All of this, in addition to the group’s chart-topping tracks and albums, has fuelled their earnings. According to Channel Korea (via Sportskeeda), the net worth of TXT is estimated to be US $10 million.


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TXT members: Earnings, endorsements and more

All five members have also branched out of the group’s activities to gather individual deals. Let’s go through each member’s brand associations and other stints that have added to their net worth.


The group’s eldest member Yeonjun is hailed by fashion enthusiasts for his quirky attire and experimental looks. Multiple fashion brands have associated with him for his iconic image. Clothing brand Privé Alliance appointed the artist as its fashion ambassador in 2022. He also acted as the guest creative director for the brand’s limited capsule collection which dropped in 2022 as well.

Yeonjun made a dazzling runway appearance at the New York Fashion Week in 2021 in collaboration with ul:kin, Korea’s most popular sustainable brand. The K-pop idol continues to model for the brand to date and you’ll find him flaunting their exclusive pieces on social media.

Speculations are rife that Yeonjun will collaborate with the luxury powerhouse Burberry soon, considering his recent appearances at their pop-up events, sponsored Instagram posts with the brand as well as outings in Burberry apparel. According to a 2021 report in Kpop Starz, Yeonjun’s net worth was US $1.2 million.


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Apart from his share in TXT’s album sales and concerts, Beomgyu reportedly earns a royalty for curating some of the band’s tracks. He has been credited as a songwriter, composer as well as producer of Thursday’s Child Has Far To Go, the track which came as a part of their fourth Korean EP Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child.

The artist also graced Chanel’s Parfumeur Masterclass event in Seoul in January 2023, exuding grace in a black suit with a white shirt. We’re all rooting for Beomgyu x Chanel to land soon.

All of this shot up his net worth to US $3 million in 2022, as per Channel Korea (via Sportskeeda). This figure also makes him the richest TXT member.

TXT member Beomgyu
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The 21-year-old singer-songwriter is known for his impeccable fashion taste in addition to his musical talent. Long before debuting with TXT, Taehyun was a model and an actor. Apart from his releases with TXT, the K-pop idol and his fellow band member Yeonjun have collaborated with notable American singer-songwriter, Salem Ilese on his 2022 track PS5.

He also reportedly has multiple writing and composing credits with TXT. The activities have added to Taehyun’s net worth. However, his estimated net worth is still unknown.


TXT leader Choi Soobin’s earnings come majorly from the band’s releases, endorsement deals, fan events and concerts. He has also been a part of KBS’ music program Music Bank as an MC alongside Oh My Girl’s Arin. He hosted the weekly music show for over a year before parting ways in October 2021 when TXT became more active with their Korean and Japanese comebacks. According to K-pop Starz, Soobin’s net worth is US $1.5 million as of February 2022.

Huening Kai

The Korean American singer-songwriter belongs to an affluent family and his father was a celebrity in China. Huening hasn’t gotten involved much in solo outings and his net worth is based on the group’s album sales and more. Channel Korea (via K-pop Starz) reported that the artist’s net worth is US $2 million. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: What is TXT's net worth?

Answer: According to Channel Korea (via Sportskeeda), the net worth of TXT is US $10 million (INR 82,18,85,000).

Question: Who is the richest TXT member?

Answer: According to reports, Beomgyu is the richest member of K-pop group TXT.

TXT members’ net worth: Who’s the richest artist of the K-pop group?

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