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7 new movies and series in February 2023 to check out on Netflix, Apple TV+ and more

What better way to start the new month than with the latest flicks. Read on for the new movies and series dropping in February 2023 on Netflix, BBC Earth and more.

No plans for the weekends? It’s time to unwind and turn into a couch potato for some “me time” with these latest releases. Lovers of action, mysteries and thrillers, tune in to You Season 4:Part 1, Outer Banks: Season 3 and Exploration Volcano that will keep you busy all weekend. Add We Have a Ghost and Hello Tomorrow into your watchlist for some laughswhich will be great for a family movie night. 

Anticipate an emotional ride with coming-of-age series featuring 12-year-old Edward, who realises that not all is lost, even after a tragedy in Hello Edward. Last but not least, Formula 1: Drive to Survive (S5) returns with gripping behind-the-scenes tales and insights for every Formula 1 enthusiast.

New movies and series coming in hot from Netflix, Apple TV+ and BBC Earth in February 2023:


You Season 4: Part 1

Premieres on 9 February

A new season of You returns for fans of the “romantic” murderer. Moving from New York to Los Angeles, and now London – will the stalker (and serial killer) gain another new obsession? Watch as Joe gets on the rocky road to redemption while constantly being haunted by his past as he attempts to be his best self after moving to a new country with his brand new identity.


Outer Banks: Season 3 

Premieres on 23 February

Fans of the Outer Banks, you’re in for a treat! The Pogues are back – now in the Caribbean and far beyond. Watch as the action and drama grow in this new season when the friends are pulled into a dangerous rival’s hunt for lost treasure. A new season of adventure and an entirely new landscape are coming to you soon.


Formula 1: Drive to Survive (S5)

Premieres on 24 February

The race returns! Season 5 of Formula 1: Drive to Survive continues to bring us behind the scene, allowing race fans to witness the pressure and pain the drivers and teams must endure from the 2022 season with their eyes and heart set on the championship title.


We Have A Ghost

Premieres on 24 February

Who said that a ghostly encounter is necessarily scary? Watch as Kevin and his family turn a ghost named Ernest (David Harbour) into an overnight social media sensation. As they go rogue to investigate the mystery behind Ernest’s past and death, they soon discover that the CIA is also targeting them. This horror-meets-comedy flick features a star-studded cast starring David Harbour, Jennifer Coolidge, Anthony Mackie and more.


Apple TV+

Hello Tomorrow 

Premieres on 17 February

Starring and executive produced by Emmy and Critics Choice Award winner Billy Crudup, this 10-episode drama-comedy follows Crudup as Jack, a talented and ambitious salesman in a retro-future world. Jack, whose unshakeable faith in a brighter tomorrow, inspires his coworkers and revitalises his desperate customers, which later threatens to leave him dangerously lost in the dream that sustains him.

“Hello Tomorrow!” will make its global debut of its first three episodes of the ten episodes on 17 February, 2023, with a new episode each subsequent week, every Friday through 7 April.


Dear Edward

Premieres on 3 February

Adapted from Ann Napolitano’s bestselling acclaimed novel and executive produced by Emmy Award winner Jason Katims, this heartfelt drama tells the story of how a 12-year-old boy finds hope in the agony of being the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed everyone, including his family.

Starring newcomer Colin O’Brien as Edward, Emmy Award nominee Connie Britton, SAG Award winner Taylor Schilling and more, “Dear Edward” will make its global debut with the release of the first three episodes of the 10-episode season on 3 February, 2023, followed by one new episode weekly every Friday through 24 March, 2023.


BBC Earth

Image Credit: BBC Earth

Exploration Volcano

Premieres on 24 February on Friday at 9:55pm, on UnifiTV channel 501, Astro channel 554 and BBC Player

Experience an adrenaline rush as you witness volcano access specialist, explorer and all-round daredevil Chris Horsley travel the world with his group of reluctant documentary filmmakers to respond to threatening volcanic eruptions. From the rebel-held jungles of Congo to Iceland’s unmistakable glacial plains, tune in to this science documentary and follow Horsley on his ”scorching” escapade.

Hero & featured image credit: Netflix


7 new movies and series in February 2023 to check out on Netflix, Apple TV+ and more

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