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Kim Cattrall to reprise Samantha Jones role in ‘And Just Like That…’

Yellow taxi cabs, coffee shop breakfasts, questionable relationships, Fendi Baguettes and Dior Saddles galore, all sandwiched into 30-minutes of chic, turn-of-the-millennium Y2K glamour: Sex And The City is without a doubt, one of the most definitive cultural zeitgeists from the period.

Jettisoning the careers of Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis into stratospheric heights, the show represented a fresh take on feminism through a cosmopolitan lens that attracted millions of fans to tune in and catch up on the escapades of New York City’s most infamous fictional all-female quartet.

Kim Cattrall and leaving Sex and The City

While there was little room for doubt in their on-screen sisterhood, that was apparently not the case off-screen, especially between Sarah and Kim who portrayed the roles of sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw and sex-positive publicist Samantha Jones respectively.

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In real life, the relationship shared by both actresses can be best described as ‘estranged’ after the conclusion of the franchise’s second movie, with Kim once calling it as ‘toxic’ during an interview with Piers Morgan. She even went so far as to deny that she was ever friends with any of her co-stars from the show.

Talks of her reprising her role as Samantha for a third SATC movie were later shelved due to her refusal to participate, leading to the project’s cancellation.  The rumoured feud soured further after Kim lashed out at Sarah over social media in the wake of her brother’s sudden passing.

Remaining steadfast in her decision not to reprise the role of Samantha, Kim was even once quoted by Variety as saying “It’s a great wisdom to know when enough is enough,”. Show creator Michael Patrick King concurred, saying that the door was no longer open for Kim to return to the series.

But Samantha Jones may make her return… briefly

Needless to say, the 2021 sequel to the original series went ahead without her involvement either, to nobody’s surprise. Appearing only through text messages, the once PR maven of Manhattan was hamfistedly written out from the show by claiming that she had fallen out with Carrie, prompting her to move across the pond to London.

Only now, it would seem that Samantha Jones’ saucy escapades may just return on-screen once more, as it has been confirmed by Variety that she has indeed filmed a minor cameo for the show’s second season finale. Sources indicate that Kim had shot all of her dialogue for the scene on 22 March in New York City, on the condition that she could do so without meeting any of her former co-stars.

It was also reported that renowned stylist Patricia Field, who worked on the original series but not the subsequent sequel, had dressed Kim for the occasion. But make no mistake, this is by no means an indication that Samantha will return as a permanent fixture on the show.

Season two of And Just Like That... is expected to air on 22 June, with Samantha’s cameo due to show in August.

Feature and hero image credits: Sex and The City/Facebook

Kim Cattrall to reprise Samantha Jones role in ‘And Just Like That…’

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