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Will there be a ‘Bling Empire’ season 4? Here’s everything we know

If you haven’t yet noticed, Bling Empire season 3 has landed with all 10 episodes ready to stream on Netflix. For those who have binged through all the drama and #firstworldproblems in these episodes, we don’t blame you if you’re already anticipating the announcement for Bling Empire season 4.

The third season of the reality show dropped on 5 October 2022 and takes forward the dramatic developments in the lives of some of the richest young Asian-Americans living in Los Angeles. Their lifestyle is underlined by fancy trips to glamorous destinations such as Paris and creating endless fashion moments, featuring clothes and accessories from the likes of Gucci, Dior and Prada.

The second premiered on Netflix just a few months ago on 13 May 2022.

With multiple storylines and major cast members engaging in their own relationship struggles, there is enough material for a fourth season of Bling Empire. But is that happening?

Here are all the details about Bling Empire season 4

But first, a quick look at what happened in season 3

Bling Empire season 4
Image credit: Netflix – © 2021 Netflix, Inc./IMDb

Besides the focus on other characters, Bling Empire season 3 marked the return of Andrew Gray, Kelly Mi Li’s ex-boyfriend who was last seen in season 1. However, he appeared briefly in the final moments of season 2.

Lewis Tan is making an appearance as Kim Lee’s date. Kevin Kreider’s ex, Devon Diep, also shows up in season 3. Diep is a new cast member of the reality show.

Meanwhile, the feud between Christine Chiu and Anna Shay continues through the season.

About Bling Empire season 4

Cast of Bling Empire
Image credit: Netflix – © 2021 Netflix, Inc./IMDb

There have been instances where streaming platforms have announced a new season immediately upon the premiere of an existing one. However, Netflix hasn’t announced anything about a fourth season of the reality show. There is neither a teaser nor hints about the next season.

Since the third season has just been released, it is likely that Netflix will consider the numbers before giving a go-ahead for a fourth season.

But a major hindrance could be Kelly Mi Li’s complaint against the show’s producer, Jeff Jenkins, for not giving her enough credit for the show, which she claims in her lawsuit was her idea.

According to PEOPLE, Li, listed as an executive producer, has stated in court documents that Jenkins failed to pay her episodic fee of 25 percent among other obligations that had been agreed upon.

As of May 2022, when filming for season 3 ended, the case was still on.

Because of the case, it is not clear how Bling Empire season 4 will shape up — with or without Kelly Mi Li — or whether it will even happen in the first place.

Who could be part of Bling Empire season 4

Just in case Bling Empire season 4 releases, viewers can expect the main cast members from the third season.

The names include Anna Shay, Christine Chiu, Guy Tang, Jaime Xie, Kane Lim and Mimi Morris. There will also be Kreider and Kim Lee and, possibly, Diep and Tan as well.

Dorothy Wang, who joined the show in the second season and rapidly became one of the most significant cast members of the reality show, is already set to headline a spin-off show, Bling Empire: New York. The spin-off will be entirely about Wang and her circle of friends in New York. This makes her return for the fourth season of the main show less likely.

Irrespective of who joins and who doesn’t, there will certainly be ‘bling’ in the fourth season. This is, of course, a show about extremely wealthy people, with the net worth of Bling Empire cast members running into hundreds of millions. For instance, Anna Shay has a net worth of around USD 600 million, while Mimi Morris is the richest with a net worth of around USD 800 million.

(Main and Featured images: Netflix – © 2021 Netflix, Inc./IMDb)

Will there be a ‘Bling Empire’ season 4? Here’s everything we know

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