The cheeseboard has come a long way from just featuring pale slabs of Camembert and a few dried apricots. 

While traditional businesses continue to offer carefully curated selections of artisanal cheeses, modern establishments have been busy elevating the arrangement and turning it into beautiful grazing platters by incorporating premium charcuterie, seasonal fruit, and crackers into artful (read: social-media worthy) compositions.

Whether you’re looking for cheeseboards to cater for your next party or for one to binge on during your next Netflix sesh, this list is for you.

Lush Platters

Lush Platters offers sumptuous, made-to-order spreads for every occasion. Expect a selection of hard and soft cheeses, charcuterie, wholesome dips, fresh and dried fruit (think figs, grapes, and tomatoes) — all decorated with verdant herbs and vibrant flowers. There’s even a vegetarian platter with plant-based cheeses and falafel for those who can’t have dairy. Opt for a small platter box for two to four people (S$88) for a relaxed evening in or large palm leaf platter (from S$308) for eight to twelve people if you’re looking to impress.

+65 87004150
The Cheese Artisans

The Cheese Artisans was founded in 2012 and is modelled after traditional European fromageries. The establishment offers 80 types of artisanal cheese–everything from creamy, nutty Comte to the Smokey Blue Yan Xun Wei aged with Chinese Tea Leaves–and sources them from award-winning farms. The picnic platters (S$125) here are themed ‘Garden,’ ‘Beach,’ and ‘Alfresco’ and each one features a tailored selection of charcuterie and soft, hard, and semi-firm cheese (think Brie de Meaux, Allgauer Alex, and truffle gouda) to complement any occasion.

18 Greenwood Avenue, Hillcrest Park Singapore 289212
+65 6463 4686
Nomad’s Soirée

Nomad’s Soirée is the first company in Singapore to offer halal artisan grazing platters. Hard and soft halal cheese, fruit, crackers, charcuterie, and signature dips (think hummus with truffle oil and smoky Himalayan pink salted caramel) fill every board. We envision the Nomad’s Signature Palm Leaf Platter(S$150), which feeds five people, to be the perfect accompaniment to any languorous weekend gathering. 

Gourmet Shop

Specialist French grocer Gourmet Shop’s spreads are sure to suit those wanting to delve deeper into the realm of cheese. The Gourmet Platter (S$52) and the Deluxe Platter (S$100) star five and seven kinds of cheese respectively. Look forward to sampling creamy variants like Brie and Camembert as well as firmer, more potent varieties like Gruyere, Bleu d’Auvergne and Fourme d’Ambert. A selection of dried fruit and nuts accompany both options, which come served on elegant glass trays.

171 Kampong Ampat, KA Foodlink #06-08, Singapore 368330
+65 98307812
The Plattering Co.

The handcrafted spreads from The Plattering Co. can easily be considered works of art. Packed full of artisanal cheese, cold cuts, fresh and dried fruit, gourmet crackers, and nuts, the elaborate Gourmet Cheese and Deli Cut Platter (from S$240) will definitely be the centrepiece of any gathering. The exquisitely styled, floral-themed Grazing Table (from S$980 for 25 people), which stars four types of cheese, rustic loaves and more, is sure to take centre stage at the next swanky party you host.

+65 9070 4834
La Petite Boutique

The So Cheese platter from La Petite Boutique (S$148)  is sure to please any gourmand. Look forward to a selection of perfectly ripe cheeses, honeycomb, fresh fruit, dried nuts, and premium crackers. The wines here hail from the French regions of Burgundy, Bordeaux and the Rhône Valley, so be sure to pick up a bottle to round out your feast. 

4 Kensington Park Road, Serangoon Garden, 557256 Singapore
+65 6717 1849
The Social Ones

The Social Ones might not offer dedicated cheeseboards but their grazing platters are worth ordering for the dreamy cheese selection alone. Varieties such as Comte aged six months, Saint Nectaire, Manchego aged six months, and Delice de Bourgogne with pure Tasmanian honeycomb make an appearance in the Intimate Platter (S$180 for two to four people); the Together Platter (S$350 for five to eight people); and the Social Platter (S$600 for ten to 15 people). Consider the remaining accompaniments like salami, dried Turkish figs, and raw crudites a bonus.

Stephanie Yeap
Stephanie writes about food and culture. She has a soft spot for the visual and literary arts and can be found at the latest exhibition openings. Currently, she's on a quest to devour as much SingLit as possible.