After a hectic week in the office (and many lunches at the desk), all we want is an indulgent dinner to kickstart our weekend. And what better way to do that, than tucking into a gloriously juicy steak? Packed with protein, and oh-so-tasty, a scrumptious cut of beef never fails to hit the spot whenever we’re jonesing for something hearty and decadent — after all, there’s only so much satisfaction one can derive from a salad. It’s good news then, that Singapore has more than enough steakhouses to fulfil our carnivorous cravings.

Most of the steaks here are typically imported from Australia, Japan and the US. The most tender cuts are the rib and tenderloin, while other parts such as the topside and striploin are leaner and carry a firmer bite. Ultimately, whether your preferred cut is a chewy sirloin or fatty ribeye, a perfect steak should be well-marbled, succulent and beautifully seared.

To get you all set for your next meaty meal, we have compiled a list of Singapore restaurants that have mastered the art of cooking steak. From household names to newcomers in the dining scene, these irresistible steakhouses have everything you need for your next protein fix.