As with any Mid-Autumn Festival, the modern, more colourful snow-skin mooncakes are about to blow up on Instagram. This year, however, hotels and restaurants are going on beyond just rainbow-hued treats. An increasingly health-conscious dining scene has pushed for less sinful options. Though, one shouldn’t assume that these are any less indulgent. Natural flavours from fruits are the highlight in many of these mooncakes. Local inspirations are also trending.

Baked mooncakes aren’t getting the cold treatment either. Alongside traditional double-yolk classics, hotels are also experimenting with interesting combinations. Consider a blueberry baked mooncake from Madame Fan or Marina Bay Sands’s healthier take with Chinese Longan paste.

Or, if you’re not that into mooncakes, consider the beautiful boxes that accompany these treats. There’s still some time away from Mid-Autumn Festival (13th September), but it’s never too early to start reserving a few boxes just in case.