Log cakes are the must-have festive treat at every Christmas party. While they look pretty on the dining table, they are also the first to be ignored in favour of other more calorie-worthy goodies.

The log cake, or buche de Noel, originates from France and modern versions haven’t steered far from the traditional set up of a Swiss roll with layers of frosting, smothers of butter cream and dustings of powdered sugar ‘snow’.

This year, patisseries are looking to one-up the log cake game with interesting spins on the Christmas classic. Think local touches and unique takes on flavours. Leave some space for dessert – you might just come back for seconds.

Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc Yule Log Cakes from The Fullerton Hotel

This one’s just for the adults. The latest log cakes by The Fullerton Hotel takes inspiration from wine tasting notes. The red Pinot Noir Yule Log Cake comes with tiers of blackberry mousse, pinot noir wine jelly and Valrhona almond praline. The white Sauvignon Blanc Yule Log Cake, on the other hand, is a more delicate treat with a fruity wine jelly paired with peach mousse, white chocolate crunch, vanilla meringue and biscuit.

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Matcha Yuzu Cake from Patisserie G

Here’s something light to end of an indulgent feast. Patisserie G’s log cake takes on a matcha sponge cake with swirls of tart yuzu curd, yuzu mousse and a sweet compote of strawberry and raspberry compote. Or, if you’re looking for more of a centerpiece, go for the Gingerbread Loghouse – a gingerbread house stuffed with spiced cake.

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Apple and Lime Bergamot Chocolate Yule Cake from Marina Mandarin Singapore

Marina Mandarin goes tropical with its log cakes. Housed in a thick chocolate gateau is chocolate mousse mixed in with a dense, yet citrusy, pudding of lime and bergamot orange with an apple compote center. There’s also the Tropical Fruit Buche, a fluffy almond and coconut sponge cake with coconut mousse.

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Chendol Log Cake from House of Mu

Chendol’s origin is subject of yet another food war between Singapore and Malaysia. But here’s something that needs no debate – this dessert works as a cake too. House of Mu’s yule log takes inspiration from the local dessert. The Chendol Log Cake is a base of mango mousse covered in passionfruit glaze, with a centre of chendol jelly-pudding made from mung bean flour and fresh pandan juice.

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Night of Noel Tea-infused Yule Logs from TWG Tea

TWG’s latest collection of log cakes highlights its Christmas-special tea: Night of Noel, which is a blend of black tea leaves, silver tips and wild forest berries. There’s chestnut sponge, layered with strawberry confit and tea-infused Bavarian cream, that is glazed with chocolate and gold leaf. Or, for chocolate loves, there’s also a hazelnut and chocolate dacquoise cake with praline ganache and mascarpone mousse. Both cakes are available in mini or larger sizes.

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Celebrity Festive Mini Log Cakes from Resorts World Sentosa

RWS’s mini log cakes offer a small taste from each of its celebrity chef restaurants. From Osia Steak and Seafood Grill is an intriguing chocolate ‘bark’ of nuts and coriander with chocolate truffle and passionfruit curd. There’s also gingerbread sponge and hazelnut praline from Ocean Restaurant. Fratelli Trattoria offers an Italian take, with a chestnut sponge cake with lemon-infused mascarpone cream. Forest offers Chinese flavours with jasmine tea, milk chocolate and cashew nut, and Syun with soya bean biscuit, pumpkin seeds, and kumquat jam.

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Taro Coconut Yule Log Cake from Crowne Plaza

If the other cakes prove too ‘experimental’ for guests and family members, this purple log cake from Crowne Plaza might incite a little nostalgia: a taro (or purple yam) sponge with sweet coconut cream. There’s also a Matcha Goma Yule Log, filled with a rich black sesame cream.

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Yuletide Blossom Log Cake from Goodwood Park Hotel

You can expect all good things with durian from Goodwood Park, even log cakes. The hotel still has its Mao Shan Wang and D24 durian log cakes available. But go for something different this year order the Yuletide Blossom Log Cake. This creation screams old-school with its bouquet of hand-piped buttercream flowers. These sit atop white chocolate mousse which coats strawberry chiffon and yuzu-infused pear poached in red wine.

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Ubi Manis Yule Log from Baba Chews

Baba Chews offers another local twist to the log cake, this time looking to Peranakan desserts for inspiration. The Ubi Manis Yule Log goes with purple sweet potato sponge cake with blueberry confit, dressed in a ganache of white chocolate. Can’t get enough of chendol still? Baba Chews has its own version of chendol log cake with red bean mousse with gula Melaka and coconut milk.

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