Confession time: When it comes to late-night suppers, roti prata often ranks at the top of our list thanks to its crispy exterior and delightfully fluffy interior. The South Indian-style fried flatbread tastes exceptionally divine when savoured with steaming hot curry, or topped with sugar. Unapologetically decadent (and diet-busting), it is essentially comfort food at its finest. It’s important to note, though, that as popular as prata is here, it’s certainly not all there is to Indian food. In fact, this much-beloved dish is believed to be a Singapore reinterpretation of parotta — a similar type of bread commonly found in Kerala.

The world of Indian cuisine goes way beyond that. From North India’s heavier, gravy-based creations like butter chicken and Palak Paneer (spinach and cheese curry), to South India’s rice-based dishes and dosas (crisp crepes made from fermented batter), there’s a myriad of options to sample. Thankfully, we’re rather spoilt for choice in Singapore, which offers a wide range of eateries serving up sumptuous Indian fare. For those seeking something a little fancier, there’s also a variety of Indian fine dining restaurants around, where one can feast in comfort within an upscale (and even romantic) setting.

So if you’re craving something different and more elaborate than your usual roti prata, consider checking out these 5 best Indian fine dining restaurants in Singapore. Serving up hearty, delectable food in a classy venue, they’re just what you need for an indulgent evening.