Compared to leading food capitals such as London, New York, Tokyo and Barcelona, Singapore’s gastronomy scene still has some room for growth. But there’s no denying that our little red dot is blessed with a vast diversity of cuisines and dining experiences. One can easily find a Japanese eatery or dim sum joint almost anywhere, and there’s an abundance of Italian, French and Indian restaurants across the island. Even niche offerings such as Greek fare and tapas are well represented in our local food scene.

Another cuisine that has proved popular throughout the years here, is Middle Eastern fare. Many options fall under this category, which encompasses food from countries such as Iran (Persia), Lebanon and Turkey. Common dishes that can be found in these places include shawarma (where meat such as chicken, beef or lamb is roasted on a spit before being sliced off and served in sandwiches or wraps), hummus (a chickpea spread that’s often eaten with bread), and kebabs — which may come in various forms such as shish kebab (skewered meats) and döner kebab, which comprises meat cooked on a rotating spit.

If you’re craving Middle Eastern food but don’t quite know where to start because of the sheer number of eateries in Singapore, we’re here to help. Scroll down for our guide to 5 of the best Middle Eastern restaurants to try.