There’s so much to like about Japanese cuisine. Whether it’s sushi, a hearty chirashi don (sashimi rice), or a piping hot bowl of ramen, one really can’t go wrong with food from the Land of the Rising Sun. But there are times when, faced with so many options, we just can’t make up our minds about what to order.

Enter omakase, where the chef takes over this hefty responsibility of deciding what you eat, and tailors a special menu featuring the freshest produce of the season. All you need to do is inform the restaurant staff of any dietary restrictions and preferences, before relaxing in your seat and waiting for your food to be served to you over the counter. The omakase dishes typically include an assortment of sashimi, sushi, cooked dishes and seasonal vegetables. Common examples range from otoro (fatty tuna belly) to shimaaji (striped horse mackerel) and uni. Diners are usually seated at a table facing the chef, so they can get a full view of the preparation process, as well as savour their food the moment it’s ready.

What’s intriguing about omakase, is its element of surprise. One never knows what exactly to expect, because the dishes vary according to the seasons and availability of ingredients. If you’re craving a taste of adventure, here are 5 of Singapore’s best omakase restaurants to try.

(Main and featured photos: Shoukouwa/ Gourmet Japan)