From omakase restaurants and fine dining establishments, to casual pizza parlours and hawker centres, Singapore truly has a wide variety of dining options. While local, Japanese and Italian food has long been popular among epicureans here, our little red dot also boasts a range of unconventional, exotic cuisines the likes of Argentine, Peruvian and Alpine fare. Recent years have also seen the growing presence of Greek food here, with a number of eateries sprouting up around the island with their renditions of classics such as filo pastry pies, Taramasalata (fish roe dip) and Moussaka (a casserole of eggplant and minced beef).

The newest entrant to the scene is Ergon Singapore, a deli-café that also has a retail corner stocked with Greece-imported produce such as olive oil and honey. The establishment is the first Singapore and Asia outpost for its parent company Ergon, which started out as a gourmet retailer in Greece in 2008. Diners can tuck into dishes such as quinoa tabbouleh and red peppers stuffed with feta cheese, along with brunch items like pancakes with yoghurt, and pita bread with haloumi — a cheese made from a mixture of sheep’s and goat’s milk.

Here are 5 Greek restaurants worth checking out the next time you’re craving something a little different for lunch. Many of them even boast beautifully designed interiors dressed in blue and white — which are commonly used for buildings in Greece, and are the country’s national colours — so you can fool yourself into thinking you’re on a holiday in the Hellenic Republic.

(Main photo: Alati; Featured photo: Blu Kouzina)