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6 dishes to try at new Orchard Road gastrobar Binary

A new restaurant in Orchard is looking to the stars for food inspiration by presenting an ingredient in two separate yet complementary ways.

Named after the binary star, a celestial phenomenon of two stars orbiting so close to each other that they appear as one, Binary is a gastrobar in Palais Renaissance that offers both Asian and Western versions of a single produce. Blending disparate cuisines, however, is not the goal. Instead, diners choose to have cooked in either way.

“We’re trying to offer a synergy of two flavours,” said a spokesperson for the restaurant. “We don’t do fusion. Instead, we offer distinct components that lets guests taste two styles.”

binary singapore
(Image credit: Binary)

At the venue (which occupies the unit #01-01, echoing the binary code of 0 and 1), guests can opt for the octopus prepared either with the Chinese condiment Lao Gan Ma or Genovese style pesto. Iberico pork is served either with Argentine chimichurri or Korean gochujang, and chicken wings come buffalo style or with nasi lemak seasoning.

These dishes with dual identities appear under the Small Plates and Mains sections of the menu, while singular items are available under Bread & Chips, sides and desserts. For a look at what to expect, here are six dishes to try at Binary.

6 dishes to try at new Orchard Road gastrobar Binary

Binary Singapore
(Image credit: Binary)

Lao Gan Ma Octopus


Curls of octopus are sous vide with thyme and lemon until tender, then plancha grilled until addictively charred and smoky. Lao Gan Ma crisps offer a textural contrast to the tender meat, and a black bean sauce brings spice and umami sweetness.

Binary Singapore
(Image credit: Binary)

Gambas Al Ajillo


A textbook example of the Spanish dish with tiger prawns, garlic and olive oil. The prawns have a lovely, snappy chew, and the sauce is aromatic. Order the bread below and leave some aside to mop up the remaining broth.

Binary Singapore
(Image credit: Binary)

Homemade Kubaneh Bread


Kubaneh is a Jewish Yemeni bread that is traditionally served for breakfast on Sabbath. The dough is made the day before and proofed overnight, then brushed with unsalted butter before baking. It’s soft and airy like a brioche, and eagerly absorbs the accompanying garlic butter and kombu butter spreads.

(Image credit: Binary)

“Nasi Lemak” Chicken Wings


Chicken wings are marinated overnight with the same aromatics and spices that make up nasi lemak, then deep fried until juicy and delicately crunchy. A sambal tumis of ikan bilis and tamarind offsets the meat’s richness with zest.

(Image credit: Binary)

Korean Gochujang Iberico Pluma


Pluma, or pork loin shoulder, is seasoned with gochujang, gochugaru, green apple, mirin and other aromatics overnight. The meat is then sous vide and plancha grilled. Eat it as you would at a Korean barbecue, dipped in the ssamjang sauce, wrapped in fresh lettuce leaves, and topped with kimchi.

(Image credit: Binary)

Hong Kong Egglet, Blue Sea Salt Ice Cream


Briny sea salt ice cream and a distinctive yuzu jam elevates the typical Hong Kong snack, with the crunch of chocolate pop rocks. Order ahead as the dessert takes some time to prepare, but the ice cream alone is worth the wait.

Binary is located at #01-01A 390 Orchard Road, Singapore 238871. Call +65 9363 0101 or email to book.

Mondays to Sundays, 11.30am to 10.30pm

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