Recent years have seen tapas, or small plates, really surge in popularity. While tapas’ roots are unmistakably Spanish, and are believed to date back to centuries ago — when bartenders in Seville used slices of ham and cheese as covers for their patrons’ sherry cups — the whole concept of serving up appetisers on sharing plates, has extended beyond its Spanish provenance. Restaurants specialising in other cuisines have embraced it, pushing out their own renditions of Japanese, Indian, Korean and Chinese tapas. For the latter, think dim sum, but with a fusion twist or the addition of luxurious ingredients such as truffle.

Food purists who aren’t too keen on these newfangled interpretations, however, need not worry too much. As much as tapas have evolved to include a wider range of cuisines, there are still many eateries around town serving up traditional or Spanish-inspired offerings the likes of olives, Patatas Bravas (fried potato), croquettes and Jamon ham. While tapas bars abound in Singapore, what these restaurants offer is the full service experience, complete with a variety of small plates and substantial mains to fuel you up — so you’ll never leave hungry.  Some of these venues even boast a solid repertoire of Spanish wines to quench your thirst.

From a newly opened tapas-focused restaurant in the heart of the shopping district, to a homegrown fine dining spot that has rolled out a new gastrobar and small plates menu, here are 6 places we recommend you check out soon.