The French may have garnered the reputation for fine dining but when it comes to no-holds-barred flavour bombs, Spanish cuisine packs a real punch. Think the goodness of crispy potatoes, butter and piquant tomato gravies that elevate a simple dish into the realms of pleasure.

These robust flavours belong to a culinary culture that has gifted the world with a range of concepts — from finger lickingly delicious tapas for sharing during a boisterous night, to the immensely influential El Bulli — the restaurant which changed the face of gastronomy with its molecular techniques.

Spain’s culinary talents have been making its mark on the globe too. Singapore alone is home to some incredible chefs — ranging from chef Carlos Montobbio of Esquina who trained at El Cellar de Can Roca to chef Antonio Oviedot at Botanico who worked alongside the late Santi Santamaria. This is not forgetting the many names to have flown halfway across the world to set up local outposts. Nandu Jubany behind the one-Michelin-starred Can Jubany who set up FOC is one, the newly opened Restaurant Gaig by Carles Gaig is another.

Indeed, there’s no lack of talent nor excellent restaurants that dole out all manner and facets of the country’s cuisine. Here, we round up the best Spanish restaurants in Singapore — whether you’re looking to tuck in to a hearty portion of paella, wiping out plate after plate of tapas or wanting a more intimate experience with the chefs by seating on a counter, we have you covered.