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Add to cart: 5 food subscription services to try

We all know that spending weekend mornings at the wet markets and supermarkets to stock up on groceries for the week ahead, can be such a chore. There’s the hassle of waking up early to beat the crowds, checking the quality of the produce, and lugging bags of food around as we go from stall to stall. In some cases, the place may not even have the exact items that we need — which means having to make a separate trip to another store elsewhere.

To make the whole grocery shopping experience more convenient, a number of online retailers have introduced food subscription services, which deliver one’s desired products to his or her doorstep. These companies offer a variety of options spanning organic vegetables, fruits, snacks and ice cream. A handful even deliver beverages such as whisky, matcha and coffee. And if you can’t decide which specific items to get, some of these retailers also provide box sets, where you’ll be sent an assortment of products.

Here are 5 food subscription services we reckon are worth trying out. One of them even offers kits of pre-portioned baking ingredients, so you can cheat your way into whipping up the perfect lava cake — and fool your friends into thinking you’re the next Nigella Lawson.

(Main photo: Chitose Agriculture; Featured photo: Made Real/ Jonas Koh)

Chitose Agriculture Initiative

This Singapore-based online market boasts over 200 varieties of fruits and vegetables, which are sourced from some 50 artisanal farms in Japan and Cameron Highlands. Try its Omakase Box, which is packed with up to 10 types of seasonal produce from Japan, and will reach customers within 48 hours of harvest. Chitose’s next delivery is on 31 March, and features tomatoes from Okinawa, apples from Aomori, and Dekopon oranges from Saga.


Made Real

The next time you feel hungry in the middle of a busy work day, put down that chocolate bar or potato chips, and munch on some nuts and granola instead. Made Real is a homegrown outfit that delivers boxes of nutritious snacks such as almonds, beans and vegetable chips. It also offers vegan, paleo, and low glycemic index options. To subscribe, customers need to fill out a short quiz where they indicate their food preferences and dietary requirements. They will then be recommended a mix of six products. The box will reach their doorstep within three to five working days.


Simply Fresh

Savour organic produce from European farms with Simply Fresh’s weekly subscription service, which features eight different types of boxes. Its Mediterranean box, for instance, contains a combination of Romanesco cauliflower, eggplants and purple haze carrots, while the Simply Fruits box is a colourful array of pomegranates, clementines and kiwi fruits. There’s also a massive Family Value box filled with a variety of fruits and vegetables.


Pint Society

If you’re more inclined towards snacks on the indulgent side, check out Pint Society, which sends two pints of ice cream to its subscribers on a monthly basis. There’s a different flavour for each month — March saw a pistachio gelato with raspberry-infused dark chocolate, while February had a blend of black sesame and yoghurt. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for April.



So you’ve got a home soirée coming up, and you really want to impress your guests with a sumptuous meal or delicious dessert — but you’ve got subpar culinary skills. Fret not, Batterful is here to save the day. It specialises in baking kits equipped with pre-portioned ingredients, so all you need to do is follow the recipe card and video tutorials on its website. To begin, simply select the type of confection you want to bake — options include cinnamon rolls, carrot cake and chocolate chip cookies — make your payment, and wait for the kit to reach your doorstep within three to four working days.



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