When one door closes, another opens. It couldn’t be truer this month as notable chefs who left their previous establishments willing (or unwillingly) have surfaced again.

Finding a fresh start with new concepts, these chefs are grabbing the chance to make their mark in the local dining scene. Diners are treated to new culinary philosophies and intimate insights to chefs’ gastronomic roots.  

The 27-year-old chef Vianney Massot is quick to jump back to his feet after the closure of L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon. At the latest iteration of Bacchanalia, Massot executes what he knows best — French fine-dining. Iggy’s former head chef Aitor Jeronimo pays homage to his Spanish and Basque Country roots with the appropriately named Basque Kitchen.

But on a grander scheme of things, these matter little. With the pending arrival of World’s 50 Best to our shores, the main objective would be to stand out on a global stage. Singapore’s gastronomic scene remains as exciting as ever.