Mention Argentina and you get the same few words: football, Lionel Messi and tango.

Yet, the heart of Argentina lies in its food — we’re talking about its juicy, tender, flame-grilled beef. This year, the Embassy of Argentina is proud to present the inaugural Argentine Beef Week in Singapore 2020 to celebrate the nation’s Independence Day on 9 July. 

In celebration of Argentine Beef Week, local restaurants, retailers and marketplaces have come up with a slew of deals and menus that have been curated around premium cuts of natural Argentine beef, all available from 9 July to 16 July. 

What’s so different about Argentine beef? 

In general, Singaporeans are mostly exposed to varieties of beef from Japan, Australia and USA, with wagyu being one the most popular types of beef here. 

argentine beef week
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Yet, what many don’t know is that Argentine beef is often touted to be amongst the world’s best, and is prized for its incomparably tender and richly flavoured steaks

Genetics and environmental factors have a large part of play in Argentine beef — the country’s cattle are mostly raised on extensive fertile grasslands called Las Pampas, a prairie with cool, pleasant climate and plentiful pasture for grazing while using sustainable livestock production systems. 

argentine beef week
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The result? Leaner, more flavourful meat with higher omega-3 fatty acids, and no additives or hormones. The beef also boasts low fat and cholesterol levels, and is a good source of proteins, vitamins, iron, zinc, phosphorous and selenium.

Where can I try Argentine beef in Singapore? 

argentine beef week
Grilled Ox Tongue (Image credit: boCHINche)

We had the opportunity to taste the four-course menu from boCHINche, which featured the beautifully smooth Grilled Ox Tongue and the Iberico Chorizo Croquettes to start.

A hefty 300 gram Ojo de Bife (Rib Eye Steak) or the Bife de Lomo (Beef Fillet Steak) then follows. Those who prefer the cleaner tastes should get the leaner Bife de Lomo, while those who like a good amount of that distinct, meaty flavour from the fat should definitely choose the Ojo de Bife. 

argentine beef week
Argentine Ribeye and Chimichurri (Image credit: boCHINche)

We highly recommend having the cuts with boCHINche’s signature Chimichurri, a sweet and tangy condiment that pairs beautifully with the beef. Finish off the meal with the custard-filled Bunyols-De-Vent, served with a side of dulce de leche on the side. 

This special menu is available for dine-in from 9 to 16 July at S$90++ per person, and diners can enjoy a glass of Argentine Malbec at a special promotional price of $12++ (glass) and $70++ (bottle) as well. 

argentine beef week
TintoNegro Malbec (Image credit: boCHINche)

Other restaurants that will be curating menus for the Argentine Beef week include Black Pearl, New Ubin and Skirt W Sentosa.

What if you’d like to have it at home, you ask? Retailers and Marketplaces from Aw’s Market, Huber’s Butchery, Foodie Market Place to Love Pink Food, Maxzi (by Indoguna) and Argentinian BBQ Gourmet will also be available for diners who’d rather savour the cuts in the comfort of their home. 

argentine beef week
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Need a tipple or two to pair your dishes with? The following liquor retailers and distributors are offering some of the best Argentine wines at special discount prices during Argentine Beef Week: Asia Wine Network, Century Cellars, Corney & Barrow, Estate Wines, Ewineasia, Grand Vin, Golden Hung Ho, Icon Wines, KTT Wines, Oak & Barrel, 75cl and 1855 The Bottle Shop.

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