Australia is Arcadia for boutique producers. The country, with 385,000 acres of arable land, is one of the world’s leading agricultural exporters, with an industry worth up to S$60 billion every year. That ecosystem is the ultimate incubator for artisans to flourish, and anyone who has ever been there can give testament to that. Cheese, chocolates, cured meats, and coffee just scratch the surface of what The Land Down Under has to offer food and wine enthusiasts.

That gastronomic magnetism lured a team of Singaporean epicureans to solve how they could share the obscure army of producers in Australia with the world. Small-batch artisans rarely have the distribution prowess of their mass counterparts, and short of flying to Australia, there is little way to access these people. So, the team, fronted by CEO Richard Leong, established Artisan Selections, an online marketplace that connects 40 of Australia’s finest craftsmen with customers from nine different Asian cities, including Singapore.

“At Artisan Selections, we place a strong focus on the quality of our product,” said Leong. “We are also focused on empowering artisans in Australia who are still very much in touch with their traditional methods to help them be export- ready and have the ability to share their products with the rest of the world.”

Artisan Selections is also Singapore’s first e-grocer for Australian produce, which makes for pretty exciting news given the growing community of locals and expats who have a penchant for artisanal groceries. We’ve spotlighted some of our favourites on the site, but trust us when we say there is far more to explore.

(All photos credited to the respective brands)