When it comes to food fads, the Basque burnt cheesecake is a unique standout. With a burnt top and often misshapen body, this savoury-sweet treat is not easy on the eyes or for Instagram pictures. Its intensely cheesy fillings and caramelised crust, however, has won over the hearts of diners around the world.

This cheesecake isn’t that new in the dining scene. It was first created nearly 30 years ago in Las Vinas, a pintxo bar in San Sebastian, and follows a ridiculously simple recipe of just cream cheese, sugar, eggs and flour. Fresh out of the oven, the burnt cheesecake should remain dense and slightly rare in the middle.

The Basque cheesecake has just made its mark in Singapore. Restaurants and bakeries are doing their own takes of the treat, either following the original recipe or trying out something new. Here’s where to get a slice.