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Here’s where to find the best brownies in Singapore

Brownies are just about one of the most fail-safe desserts to have, regardless of your mood or the weather.

Whether you pair it with a some extra chocolate syrup or a scoop of your favourite ice-cream, one thing’s for sure: each of these rich, fudgy squares are perfect as an indulgent treat at any time of the day.

Besides, chocolate always brightens up our day. Read on for our hitlist of where to find the best brownies in Singapore.

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We’re not one to gatekeep all our good finds, so here’s one of our favourites in town: Dee Bakes. Here, these gooey brownies come in four different flavours, with our favourite being the salted pretzel cheesecake with speculoos. Think a fudgey brownie mixed with cheesecake to balance the sweetness, complete with a generous dollop of speculoos filling for good measure. The brownies here are available at a rate of S$26 for six pieces a box, and the flavours can be mixed.

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Love chocolate as much as we do? Then you’ll fall right in love with the Blackout Brownie from Lemuel Chocolate. The online exclusive for the homegrown brand comes packed with black cocoa, 72-percent dark chocolate and flaky sea salt, making it an indulgent afternoon tea treat you’ll keep coming back for time and time again. A box of six (S$30) comes with two Original Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Brownies and four other random flavours.

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P.Osh has a soft spot in our hearts. Rather than our usual fudge-like suspects, the ones here are made for those who love the crispier, caramelised edges of the brownie pan. The original flavour is of course, the bestseller, but you could always take a deep dive into the extensive range of flavours they offer, including mint chocolate, peanut butter and jelly, and sea salt caramel.

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If you’re vegan, gluten-free or just on a keto diet, then Delcie’s is where you should be heading to. Yes, their treats are free of cholesterol and trans fat, but that doesn’t mean they don’t taste good. The slightly thinner English brownies are made with a wonderfully crispy top and a chewy texture, perfect to pair with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream or two.

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We don’t think we’ll ever forget the first time we laid eyes on Whiskdom’s molten brownies. Crispy edges form the walls of the each of these rich pieces, before a molten pool of filling oozes out with each bite. Take your pick from 14 different flavours here, including three blondie picks of matcha, hojicha and matcha yuzu.

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