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Here’s where to try the best lobster rolls in Singapore

Lobster rolls are back in the limelight again, especially after the much-anticipated opening of Burger & Lobster at Jewel Changi Airport. The classic New England treat was both a curiosity and delight for seafood lovers in Singapore when it first made a splash in 2014. Since then, it has been incorporated into the menus of food trucks and Michelin-starred restaurants alike.

Yet traditionally, lobsters are often just boiled and served as it is with an array of dips. The lobster roll challenges this approach with the unlikeliest of accompaniments: an ordinary hotdog bun. Perhaps this casual approach is how the lobster has been cast into the mainstream light appreciated by all.

That doesn’t mean a lack of standards though. Restaurants here use the best lobsters from all over the world — from Boston to Canada. Each succulent chunk is lightly mixed with a simple seasoning of butter and lemon juice, and sometimes mayonnaise. This is all stuffed into a brioche bun — a truly seductive sight.

Tempted now? Here’s where to get your hands on some excellent rolls — plus alternatives if the queue at Burger & Lobster proves too trying.


The London-based restaurant has finally made it was to Singapore. There are great burgers on the menu, but the lobster roll is its signature. Burger & Lobster goes for seafood freshly caught from Nova Scotia, Canada. The lobster chunks are simply mixed with Japanese mayonnaise and chives then stuffed in a toasted brioche bun. If that’s not enough lobster for you, go for the reasonably priced whole lobsters served with butter or with sambal.

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The Market Grill focuses on bringing in premium ingredients and fresh seafood offerings. So, its take on the lobster roll is a truly indulgent one. An entire lobster goes into the making of each roll. Lobster chunks are tossed together in a mix of herbed mayo and Pommery mustard, served with a small salad and fries on the side.

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Pince & Pints was a forerunner of the lobster roll trend a few years back. Since then, it has added some new takes on the classic on its menu. The original roll by Pince & Pints is served with garlic butter sauce. If you’re adventurous, try the Nyonya chilli or the more indulgent truffle version with freshly shaved truffle, truffle caviar and truffle butter sauce.

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While Humpback is best known for oysters, it’s other seafood offerings are worth checking out too. Their lobster roll, available only for brunch and dinner, is topped with strings of fennel bright orange tobiko roe for an additional briny hit. Best with the restaurant’s take on a Bloody Mary mixed with lobster tomato juice and garnished with lobster tail.



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So far, the list sees Maine lobster rolls with chilled meat and dressings. The Naked Finn offers the Connecticut-style which is with warm lobster chunks. Here, lobster meat is grilled and tossed with unsalted butter and crème fraîche or house-made mayonnaise. It’s served with locally farmed mesclun salad and shoestring truffle fries. If you’re thinking of checking this place out, heads up: The lobster roll here is only available for lunch.

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