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Here are the best log cakes for Christmas parties in 2019

It is, once again, the time of year for indulgent Christmas feasts. The dining table for the end-of-year festivities is sure to be filled with all manners of Yuletide fare, but the log cake is set to be the main highlight. This year, hotels and artisanal bakeries are upping their game when it comes to this classic Christmas cake. Expect twists on traditional and local flavours, seasonal ingredients and lots of chocolate. These temping Instagram-worthy desserts will have you coming back for seconds.

Cocoa Bean Strawberry Log Cake from Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore
log cakes 2019 (Image credit: Shangri La Hotel)
This glistening red treat is Shangri-La Hotel’s latest addition to its log cake collection. Under its sleek coat of red glaze, the Cocoa Bean Strawberry Log Cake has chocolate genoise sponge soaked in strawberry juice then rolled with generous layers of strawberry cremeux. If you’re looking for something more refreshing and delicate, try the Chestnut & Yuzu Log Cake, with almond sponge cake and yuzu-infused pear compote within.

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White Chocolate and Cream Cheese Red Velvet Yule Log from Parkroyal on Kitchener Road

log cakes 2019 (Image credit: PARKROYAL on Kitchener Street)
Parkroyal on Kitchener Road re-invents the traditional fruitcake with contemporary flavours for its latest log cake. Here, red velvet sponge is rolled together with Griottes cherries, cranberries, raisins and citrus peel that have been infused in rum, kirsch and cognac for months. It’s then layered over with cream cheese and white chocolate, a perfect match-up with this heady dessert.

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Crystal Glacier Log Cake from Goodwood Park Hotel

log cake 2019 (Image credit: Goodwood Park Hotel)
Winter isn’t coming to Singapore anytime soon, but one can dream. Goodwood Park Hotel makes a beauty out of wintry inspirations with the Crystal Glacier Log Cake. Sugar gems and pastel milk chocolate ‘shards’ crown this white chocolate-covered cake, making a colourful showpiece on the dining table. The cake tastes just as good as it looks, with almond sponge, mascarpone and apple mousse over a crunchy base of hazelnut fudge.

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Ondeh Ondeh Lamington Yule Log Cake from Fullerton Hotel

This year, Fullerton Hotel weaves in familiar local flavours in the latest log cakes. Our favourite from the lot is the Ondeh Ondeh Lamington, a soft pandan sponge cake with gula Melaka mousse, coconut crème and dessicated coconut flakes layered in between — perfect with a hot cup of coffee or tea. There are also more local favourites, like the Strawberry Lychee Bandung Yule Log which has strawberry jelly infused with rose essence and lychee mousse.

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Mao Shan Wang and Gula Melaka Log Cake from Pan Pacific

log cakes 2019
(Image credit: Pan Pacific Singapore)

Durian season is over, but one still can get a taste of the fruit with Pan Pacific’s new log cake. The Mao Shan Wang and Gula Melaka log cake is self-explanatory: there’s golden streaks of gula Melaka accentuating the sweet durian filling within the sponge cake. Also worth checking out is the decadent Jivara Milk Chocolate Log Cake with pear curd and caramelised hazelnuts for crunch.

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Celebrity Festive Tree Cakes from Resorts World Sentosa

log cakes 2019
(Image credit: Resorts World Sentosa)

As is tradition, Resorts World Sentosa spotlights its celebrity chef restaurants with its recent festive fare. Instead of the usual log cakes, RWS offers a collection of five ‘Christmas tree’ cakes — each mini cake different from each other. From Osia Steak and Seafood Grill, one can expect a sweet treat of chocolate bark stuffed with chocolate truffle and passionfruit curd studded with macadamia nuts and a touch of coriander. Japanese restaurant Syun’s take sees a goma ladyfinger biscuit with yuzu custard and kumquat jam.

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‘Nice’ and ‘Naughty’ from Ritz Carlton

Whether you’ve been ‘naughty’ or ‘nice’ this year, Ritz Carlton is making sure that everyone gets their just desserts — with these gorgeous log cakes. The ‘Nice’ log cake is a snowy masterpiece made up of a honeyed milk mousse with bits of mandarin orange jelly over a crispy madeleine biscuit base and puffed rice. If you’re in the mood for indulgence, the ‘Naughty’ log cake is sure to satisfy with its seductive combination of dark chocolate mousse with a kick from the lime and chilli crémeux encased within.

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Magic Christmas Tea Log Cakes from TWG

log cake 2019
(Image credit: TWG)

For TWG, the festive season calls for the return of its Christmas teas. This year’s star — the Magic Christmas Tea, a red tea blend — is showcased in a new series of Yuletide treats. TWG’s chocolate mousse log cake is infused with Magic Christmas Tea and sees layers of vanilla crémeux, raspberry confit, almond and hazelnut crisp within almond chocolate sponge cake. There’s also a vanilla take, with a refreshing confit of tropical fruit and white chocolate crisps.

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Le Papillon from Antoinette

log cakes 2019
Le Papillon (Image credit: Antoinette)

Antoinette’s latest log cake is a treat for die-hard chocolate lovers. Le Papillon is stacked high in chocolate, starting from a Grand Cru dark chocolate mousse to cocoa finger cake and dark chocolate shards. In between are layers of surprises, such as sweet orange marmalade, caramel parfait and crispy hazelnut for texture. Befitting its name, the log cake is topped with a colourful array of rice-paper butterflies too.

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