What many know of Imperial China is left in history books and old buildings. Yet, its grand culinary creations continue to live on in classic Chinese kitchens. From there comes the legendary and iconic Peking duck, a glistening golden-brown bird that truly is the crowning glory of any Chinese dining table.
What seems like just roasted duck on the table is really the result of tedious and careful preparation that has been perfected centuries ago. Ducks are glazed in a flavoured syrup, marinated in five-spice powder, left to dry-age for a few days — all to achieve the ultimate, teeth-shattering skin. Typically only the skin (which is considered the best part of the duck) is served to the table, making the Peking duck a truly indulgent dish. These days, the rest of the flavourful duck can be used soups, noodles or rice as an additional cost.

In Singapore, Chinese restaurants are whipping up their own takes of this legendary duck. Only a few restaurants are serving up the best, going to the extent of picking up the best duck and customising ovens for the dish. Here’s where to try the best Peking duck in Singapore.