For most of us, the word “brunch” immediately evokes images of Eggs Benedict drenched in Hollandaise sauce, fluffy pancakes (made from buckwheat, for extra hipster street cred), and — apparently the reason why millennials can’t afford housing — avocado toast. It also calls to mind spending long, leisurely afternoons dressed to the nines and catching up with close friends over an extravagant feast — think Carrie Bradshaw and her pals on Sex and the City. 

To sceptics, however, brunch is a contentious topic. Some may find it too extravagant to dine at a restaurant for a plate of poached eggs and crispy bacon — food that isn’t too complicated to whip up at home — while others are scornful of how the meal has become synonymous with millennials enamoured with achieving the perfect Instagram flatlay.

This brunch debate will probably never end. But if you’re a firm advocate for what’s probably the laziest meal of the day — and the easiest excuse for skipping breakfast — we’ve put together a guide to new brunches that are worth trying this 2018. The usual staples of eggs, bacon and waffles are very much present on a number of these menus, but what’s special about the eateries we’ve highlighted is that they offer more extensive (and substantial) repertoires ranging from Spanish tapas to Middle Eastern kebabs and Italian pastas. Scroll down to find out more.

(Main photo: Brasserie Les Saveurs; Featured photo: The Market Grill)