Taking into account the plethora of steakhouses that Singapore has to offer, us meat lovers are truly a blessed lot. From dry-aged steaks to wagyu beef, there are more than enough protein-packed options to pick from. Those who aren’t keen on beef are spoilt for choice too, with many restaurants serving up equally meaty fare the likes of charcuterie, lamb and offal. And don’t even get us started on poultry — the ongoing K-wave has led to so many fried chicken eateries sprouting up across the island, we can’t even keep track.

As enjoyable as it is to head out for a decadent, protein-heavy meal, sometimes it just feels a little more satisfying (and easier on our wallets) to savour some home cooked fare. Preparing for this, however, requires a trip to the wet market or supermarket to stock up on groceries — a daunting task for those who shudder at the thought of jostling with the crowds there. For conscious eaters, there’s also the issue of not finding the right types of organic, hormone-free, or free range meat.

This is where gourmet butchers come in. Ranging from online retailers to brick-and-mortar grocery shops, these butchers serve up a wide variety of meats spanning veal, lamb, beef and pork. Many of their offerings are imported from countries such as Australia, Ireland, England and US, and include organic, non-genetically modified, and sustainably farmed options.

To get you all set for your next home dinner party, we’ve put together a list of 5 gourmet butchers to check out. Some even help to marinate and pre-package your meat, so all that’s left to do is cook your food and bring in Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe (popularly known as Salt Bae) to season it with a dramatic flourish.

(Main photo: Sasha’s Fine Foods; Featured photo: The Butcher’s Kitchen)