Saving local businesses has become a rallying cry uniting Singaporeans in droves as social distancing measures increase in severity week by week.

Social distancing is imperative. It saves lives. Staying home makes a massive difference in our national defence against the unseen enemy that is COVID-19, but for many local tenanted business owners, this is a double-edged sword that hurts as rental fees remain in place for those under commercial or private landlords.

Many of the businesses you know and love, the bars or restaurants, the boutiques or the gyms you patronise could fall under this unsheltered category. While the government is doing what it can to keep the nation afloat by implementing a Resilience Budget that includes property tax waivers and rebates, a significant segment of tenanted businesses are left out of the umbrella. With the lack of cash flow from regular footfall, rental payments become increasingly hard to meet. It’s basic math.

curb rental fees singapore
The petition campaigning for signatures to curb rental fees.

If we want the businesses we cherish to still be able to stand a fighting chance, then it is important to direct our collective cry to have rental fees curbed or reduced through this pressing period. Doing so could mean the maintenance of jobs that are evermore scarce right now as well.

One way we can do so is to sign this petition by Petition SG on that calls for the curbing, make a small donation and share it with your friends. It’s one key way we can all claim #SGUnited and mean it.

Beatrice Bowers
Features Editor
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