Most of us have a second stomach for desserts. 

No matter how stuffed we are from our meals, one can never resist a bite or two of some delightfully sweet treats to signal the true “end of the meal”. Besides, these diet-ruining goodies have the magical ability to make us feel a lot better, and we don’t think its just because of the sugar

If you’re hankering for an afternoon pick-me-up, we’ve got you covered. Read on for the full list of dessert boxes you can get in Singapore.

She Sells Seashells

dessert boxes singapore
(Image credit: She Sells Seashells via Instagram)

These exquisite bakes from She Sells Seashells taste just as good as they look. The seashell-shaped, yuzu-filled matcha madeleine is made with matcha from Kyoto, and then beautifully glazed with Suntory Roku gin for a hint of Japanese botanicals.

Other favourites include the pickled cherry blossom financier, which delivers a slight saltiness and sharpness to an otherwise buttery treat. She Sells Seashells hosts monthly bake sale boxes, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for that. 

Get ready for the next bake sale on their Instagram here.


dessert boxes singapore
(Image credit: Levelled via Instagram)

Levelled was borne out of its owners’ favourite travel memory: grabbing coffee and caneles in Australia during their year-long Work & Holiday Visa Program. The home bakery creates limited batches of caneles and stuffed brownies — each handmade with love. The thin crust of the caneles are the perfect casing for its soft, custardy insides, and they make for an addictive afternoon treat unlike any other. 

Check out Levelled on Instagram here.

Le Matin Patisserie 

dessert boxes singapore
(Image credit: eugenekhooyr on Instagram)

Founded by ex-Noma chef and graduate of Sydney’s renowned Le Cordon Bleu Patisserie, Le Matin Patisserie is the epitome of creative bakes made for discerning gourmands. The menu changes regularly, and the latest drop includes three new creations: the seaweed tartlava, the laminated chocolate brioche and the smoked cruffin. The pastry box launches every Sunday at 4pm, so it’s fastest fingers first to get a taste of the coveted goodies. 

Check out the launches on Instagram here.

Twenty Grammes

dessert boxes singapore
(Image credit: Twenty Grammes via Instagram)

Popular cafe Twenty Grammes has come up with a dessert box specially curated for the month of July. Each box comes with Cherry Chocolate Cupcakes, Rose Pistachio Cakes, a Mini Orange Yuzu Loaf Cake, a Lemon Curd Bundt Cake and one Dark Chocolate Tartlet. Orders can be made via their website or through text at +65 9447 2020. 

Get the box here.

Miss Van Dough 

dessert boxes singapore
(Image credit: Miss Van Dough via Instagram)

Besides buttercream cakes, Miss Van Dough has been making its rounds on customers’ tables with its dessert boxes. From Pandan Speculoos Chunky Cookies to Blueberry Basque Cheesecake and Salted Caramel Brownies, make sure you’ve got your dessert stomach ready for these treats.

For more information, head to their Instagram here.

Chocolate Anatomy 

dessert boxes singapore
(Image credit: Chocolate Anatomy via Instagram)

Here’s one for all the chocolate lovers. Chocolate Anatomy arms its menu with a selection of rich cacao treats, and customers are encouraged to create their own box of chocolate goodies from their menu. The menu includes loaf cakes (we enjoyed The Hummingbird), cookies, as well as truffles, blondies and brownie bars. 

Get your dessert fix here.

Dee Bakes 

dessert boxes singapore
(Image credit: Dee Bakes via Instagram)

We seriously can’t get enough of the goodies from Dee Bakes. Apart from money-pulling custom cakes, the home bakery is most known for the bake sales that happen (usually) on the weekend.

Don’t take it from us, take it from the crowd: each bake sale sells out in less than a minute. If you can’t take the pressure of camping by your phone or laptop, Dee Bakes also has a regular menu. Whichever you decide on — be it the gorgeous stuffed brownies, the gooey Speculoos Stuffed Chocolate Chip cookies or even the addictive maple-bacon cupcakes, you’ll definitely be in for a sweet treat. 

Order these boxes on Instagram here.


dessert boxes singapore
(Image credit: Leckerbaer)

Copenhagen’s artisanal bakery, Leckerbaer, is making its first international outpost in Singapore on 23 July 2020 at Isetan Scotts. Their selection of eight småkager (also known as Danish butter cookies) will feature rotating core flavours as well as seasonal offerings. From the spongey Banana, a sweet treat made with berry sugar and salted caramel, to the Vanilla, a calamansi-accentuated cookie, each bite is truly a sugary present for the tastebuds.

Pre-orders for småkager (in sizes of 8, 12, and 16) are open on their official website for pick up at the store or for delivery from 23 July onwards. Islandwide delivery is chargeable at S$15 per location, with free delivery for orders above S$100. 

Visit their website here.

(Hero image credit: Leckerbaer)

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