Durian is polarising.

There are only two camps when it comes to this prickly fruit: you’re either intoxicated with even a whiff of the strong aroma, or your face immediately morphs into disgust. Needless to say, we, like the majority of Singaporeans, fall into the former category. 

The third quarter of the year is synonymous with durian season, and we’re incredibly excited to know that there are durian stalls that are still sending love during this trying time.

We may not be able to head to one of the fruit stands along the roads of Geylang now, but this is as close as we can get to a bite of the rich, creamy fruit. Here are all the stalls that are delivering the King of Fruit right to your doorstep.

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99 Old Trees Durian is one of the most famous durian deliveries in town, and what sets them apart from others is that they get their goods from farms directly. By cutting out the middlemen, these fresh, high-quality products are shipped to your doorstep at the most affordable price possible. Besides that, durian are sold by their weight in boxes rather than the whole fruit with the husk for full transparency. Same day delivery is available at S$4.90 for orders made before 3 pm.

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If you’re familiar with the durian delivery scene in Singapore, you might have heard of Durian Kaki. The company was formed by a group of young durian lovers, with a mission to provide the best durians in town. Currently, there are four different types of durians on the menu, including a limited quantity of the Tung Lai species. A S$10 delivery charge is applicable for orders below 10 kilograms, and delivery charges are waived for orders above that.

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Jojo Durian currently has four different sets on their website: Huang Zhong Huang, D24, Mao Shan Wang and Red Prawn. These sets are sold based on their seasonality to ensure that each diner gets the best-tasting seeds around. Each order of the Mao Shan Wang and D24 set is delivered with freshly dehusked durians and a pack of coconut water. Hand gloves and tissues are also provided.

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The Durian Story was founded in 2017 to change the durian market in Singapore, and providing reliable quality durians at reasonable price points. By sourcing fresh, quality fruit from various plantations in Malaysia, the company ensures that each diner gets only the best. During this period, orders below S$100 will incur a small delivery fee.

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Unlike most durian delivery websites, 227 Katong Durian updates their Facebook page daily with what’s in stock, so guests have to check in regularly if they’re looking to grab their hands on some of the best offerings. Mao Shan Wang may be the crowd favourite for its bittersweet flesh, but those who frequent 227 Katong Durian will never miss out on the soft custard-like textures of the D13. For a flat fee of S$15, you’ll be able to get your hands on the prickly fruit within two hours of ordering (available after 10.30 am). A delivery fee of S$10 is applicable for advanced orders.

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