The chocolate cake is one of the most popular desserts to find at restaurants/bakeries/cafes, but it is anything but run-of-the-mill. Despite the seemingly uninspiring name, the chocolate cake comes in all shapes and sizes.

Some are simple constructions of cake covered in a thick coat of melted chocolate, and others come with a few tricks up their sleeves (think layers of crunchy feuilletine, or a centre of molten cocoa lava). There’s no discrimination, though. All chocolate cake is good cake.

However, there are only a few creations that are the stuff of dreams. Here’s what we found from around Singapore.

(Hero and featured image: Lavo Singapore)

La Rose by Antoinette


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This French-inspired patisserie has several chocolate cakes on its line-up, including a namesake creation with earl grey tea-infused milk chocolate mousse and raspberry coulis. The La Rose, however, is arguably the most stunning — and, still delicious — of  Antoinette’s creations. The cake is made up of alternating layers of dark chocolate mousse, Grand Marnier-soaked cocoa sponge and almond nougatine. The realistic-looking petals? Carefully piped dark chocolate Chantilly.

20 Layer Chocolate Cake by Lavo


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You’d probably have no problems falling in love with this behemoth of a chocolate cake. The real challenge is to finish it in one sitting. This signature dessert by American-Italian restaurant Lavo is a towering construction of chocolate devil’s food cake with peanut butter mascarpone, drowned in a gleaming coat of dark chocolate. You get the perfect cake-to-cream ratio, an equal amount of salty and sweet with each bite.

Legendary Chocolate Cake by Morton’s The Steakhouse


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A chocolate cake is an absolute must on the menus of any steakhouse. Morton’s is no different, but it’s probably one of the few to grant its dessert legendary status. Under its unassuming chocolate cake exterior hides a decadent core of molten dark chocolate lava. The cake comes piping hot to the table for maximum oozing action, along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Yatsura by Pantler


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Bakers Matthias Phua and Tomoharu Morita come with impressive credentials, having worked in Grand Hyatt Tokyo and Joel Robuchon Singapore. At their cafe, Pantler, there’s a range of French bread and treats to indulge in. They are, however, best known for their cakes. Their chocolate cake, Yatsura, is an all-time bestseller there. The cake sees a crunchy feuilletine base for texture, which is then layered with dark chocolate mousse, ganache and hazelnut praline dacquoise.

Pure Chocolate Cake by Laurent Bernard Chocolatier


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Laurent Bernard specialises in crafting gourmet chocolate bars and other pastries, and you can be sure that he will do chocolate cake justice. The Pure Chocolate Cake says it all: it’s made with pure single-origin dark chocolate from South America. In between layers of chocolate sponge, there’s dark chocolate dream and mousse. An intense treat for the chocolate connoisseurs.

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