With its constant flow of new restaurant openings and existing eateries introducing scrumptious new dishes, there’s truly no dearth of food options in Singapore. But for vegetarians, their choices are a little more limited. After all, not every restaurant offers a wide variety of meatless dishes beyond the usual salads and soups.

Thankfully, recent years have seen the emergence of more vegetarian-friendly restaurants, some of which even cater to niche diets such as veganism (which abstains from animal-derived products including milk and eggs) and raw veganism, where only raw vegetables, fruits and nuts are consumed. The latter also refrains from anything cooked above 48°C. 

In conjunction with the upcoming World Vegetarian Day, which falls on 1 October, 2016, we’ve put together a guide to 5 vegetarian restaurants to visit. Whether you’re a staunch vegetarian or simply curious to try out meatless cuisine, these eateries will leave you feeling full and well-nourished.