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In Good Taste: Aura, Mitzo and Three Buns

If you woke up with a major hangover today, thanks to imbibing a little too much booze over the weekend at the Singapore Cocktail Festival (responsibly, of course), you are not alone. The ongoing tipple extravaganza saw us painting the town red, with its array of drink promotions, bar-hopping trails and guest bartender stints. The event concludes tomorrow, so let’s just say we really didn’t hold back over the past couple days.

As we all attempt to get back into the work groove — and eagerly await lunch hour — here’s a guide of scrumptious dishes to try this week. Be it a hearty post-hangover meal, or simply a light bite to take your mind off your lethargy and Monday blues, there’s bound to be something to satisfy your cravings.

Scallops Crudo by Aura

In Good Taste Aura
Springtime on a plate.

The dish: This prettily plated dish features whey-cured scallops soaked in a blend of saffron and honey yogurt, and served with an assortment of grapefruit-dressed vegetables such as sweet peas, fava beans and green asparagus and red radish. This tasty mix is then topped with a scoop of oscietra caviar for an indulgent finishing touch. The dish is part of Aura’s new spring menu.

The place: This posh restaurant at the National Gallery Singapore specialises in classic Italian cuisine such as pasta and antipasti. Its spring menu, which launches today, focuses on seasonal vegetables.

Price: S$38

Aura, 1 St. Andrews Road, 05-03 and 06-02 National Gallery Singapore, Singapore 178957, +65 6866 1977

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Stir-fried lobster claw by Mitzo

In Good Taste Mitzo
Lobster, shrimp and petai make a winning combination.

The dish: Like durians, petai beans — also known as stink beans — are an acquired taste. But they’re also known for their slightly bitter flavour that easily complements seafood such as sambal prawns. Mitzo leverages on this by incorporating petai into a sauce, and pairing it with stir-fried lobster — which is wrapped in shrimp and served on a bed of vegetables.

The place: Located at Grand Park Orchard hotel, Mitzo is known for its inventive, modern Cantonese cuisine. It recently revamped its menu with over 30 new dishes, one of which is this lobster concoction.

Price: S$32

Mitzo, Level 4 Grand Park Orchard, 270 Orchard Road, Singapore 238857, +65 6603 8855

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Korean Clucker by Three Buns

In Good Taste Three Buns Singapore
Why diet when you can have fried chicken?

The dish: Three Buns puts an extra indulgent spin on Korean fried chicken by coating the bird in crispy buttermilk batter, and smothering it in a mixture of kimchi, Korean barbecue sauce, scallions, chilli and a fried egg. If that’s not filling enough, the meat comes presented on a mound of steamed rice. This dish is an option on the restaurant’s 3 Bowls menu.

The place: Situated within Potato Head Folk Singapore, Three Buns is known for its decadent burgers and whimsical interiors. It recently launched 3 Bowls, a range of rice bowls topped with beef, pork or chicken and covered in savoury sauces. The repertoire is available throughout the day.

Price: S$15++

Three Buns, 36 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089143, +65 6327 1939

Sara Yap
Deputy Director, Digital Operations (Asia)
Sara Yap is the Deputy Director of Digital Operations at BurdaLuxury, and a contributing writer to Lifestyle Asia’s dining and jewellery beats. When she’s not on the lookout for exciting new restaurants or bejewelled trinkets, she’s probably buried in a riveting read, or reminiscing the good ol’ days with her favourite playlist of ’90s boyband hits.