Nothing says comfort food more than a steaming pot of soup on the table. 

It’s the ultimate family meal: sitting around the table with your loved ones, engaging in meaningful conversation, and having a variety of dishes cooked in the same pot.

Yet, if you’ve ever tried having hotpot on your own at home, you’ll know how tedious the entire process can be. From preparing a whole range of ingredients (thinly sliced meat, seafood, boiled soup stock, vegetables, the list goes on) to setting the table, it takes the fun out of eating before you can even dig in. 

Why not make your life easier with hotpot sets? Our favourite hotpot restaurants are curating and delivering both their ingredients and speciality broths so that you won’t have to miss out on dining in their quarters during the circuit breaker period. Read on for more. 

City Hot Pot

Those working in the CBD would’ve doubtlessly spent an hour or two at City Hot Pot. During this trying time, the restaurant is bringing its MSG-free soup bases and ingredients to you with its home sets. Choose between nine different sets, catered for two, four, or six diners. If you’re stuck at home alone, the restaurant has catered a range of single-serving sets for you as well. Each set comes with 12 different soup bases to choose from and islandwide delivery is free, with no minimum spend.

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Beauty In The Pot

Beauty in the Pot specialises in soup bases that are purportedly nourishing and healthy for your body (and your soul!). If you haven’t had the opportunity of dining there before, don’t fret. Beauty in The Pot is bringing their famed soups to you with their new BITP Home Delivery Sets. Each of the four hotpot sets come with the crowd-favourite beauty collagen broth and the spicy nourishing broth. If you’re feeling extra peckish, assorted platters and individual ingredients are also available for diners to add on. Delivery is free for orders above S$50.

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Chinese brand Haidilao took Singapore by storm when it entered the market in 2013. While you won’t be able to dine in to enjoy their amazing service and a free manicure or two, you’ll still be able to enjoy their quality ingredients right in the comfort of your home. Currently, Haidilao caters to four choices that accommodate two to eight diners, complete with complimentary cold dishes and snacks. Delivery is available with a minimum spend of S$98.

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Tsukada Nojo

Tsukada Nojo is famous for its Bijin Nabe. Its broth is made from chicken bones from locally grown farms in Japan, and the bones are stewed for at least eight hours until they are completely dissolved. After cooking, it is cooled to a gelatinous state, which then disintegrates into a thick, hearty broth when heated. The restaurant currently offers four different set menus, complete with its signature collagen-rich broth and, catered for one to two diners. Islandwide delivery is available, and delivery charges differ depending on location.

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Little Sheep Hot Pot

If you’re talking about hotpot, you cannot forget Little Sheep Hot Pot. Unlike other hotpot restaurants, Little Sheep Hot Pot champions fragrant hot pot bases that include a huge variety of exotic spices. This includes the star anise from Yulin, amomum tsaoko from Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture and galangal from Zhanjiang, among others. This results in an aromatic and little spiced broth that is perfect for the gamier-tasting lamb slices. Choose between four different hotpot sets, and don’t forget to grab serving or two of their signature lamb kebabs while you’re at it. Islandwide delivery is free with a minimum spend of S$50.

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