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Impossible Foods is now available at a grocery store near you

If you’ve been trying to go plant-based, we have the best news yet.

Impossible Foods, the Temasek-backed Silicon Valley company that invented the world’s first bleeding plant-based “beef” is going big on retail and is now available for purchase at Fairprice stores and RedMart. Each 340g pack of Impossible Beef will cost $16.90.

This marks the next phase of its expansion in Asia — the plan, when Lifestyle Asia last spoke to the CEO and Founder Pat Brown in 2018, has always been to go into retail. That, however, has always been contingent on how Singapore’s diners react — which has largely been receptive. After all, over 500 restaurants here now serve the Impossible meat.

Since then, Singapore has seen an explosion of plant-based products from Beyond Meat to Heura’s plant-based chicken and Quorn. Even British retailer Marks & Spencer’s grocery aisle is lined with boxes of vegan-friendly fare from their in-house brand Plant Kitchen.

“We are very excited that Singaporean consumers can now purchase Impossible Beef for the very first time from some of the island’s most loved grocery stores,” said Jordan Sadowsky, Director of Global Expansion at Impossible Foods. “After seeing how much Impossible Beef has been enjoyed around the country in our restaurant partners’ dishes, we can’t wait for home cooks to experience the magic of the product in their very own at-home culinary creations.”

All images courtesy of Impossible Foods.