We’re still recovering from the adrenaline rush that was Black Friday. While we didn’t have to physically jostle with the crowds at the stores, or spend hours waiting in snaking queues the day before, trawling our favourite e-commerce sites for the best deals proved to be a challenge in itself — with all the frantic clicking of our favourite button (“add to cart”) and the tedious process of comparing prices across platforms.

We’re pretty much done with our shopping by now, but if you’re still looking to indulge in more retail therapy at the impending Cyber Monday sales, we suggest refuelling with some substantial grub. In fact, we know just where to go, to get you energised for your next shopping spree. First on our list is Mediterranean restaurant Moosehead, which has revamped its dinner menu with scrumptious offerings like fried artichokes. Not too far away, Kabuke serves up excellent sakes paired with addictive sesame seed chicken wings. And if you’re craving carbs, be sure to try Kamoshita’s decadent truffle sea bream claypot rice.

Fried artichokes by Moosehead

moosehead kabuke in good taste
Vegetables have never tasted better.

The dish: Here’s something that even those who dislike vegetables are bound to enjoy. Artichoke quarters are rolled in a tempura batter comprising flour, salt, potato starch, corn starch and togarashi, before being deep fried and presented with taramasalata, a paste composed of mentaiko, olive oil, lemon juice, and bread soaked in milk. The fried artichoke’s fluffy batter, crunchy texture and Japanese-inspired flavours remind us a little of soft shell crab. If that’s not sufficiently indulgent, the taramasalata is also garnished with ikura pearls. This dish is part of Moosehead’s refreshed dinner menu.

The place: Run by the same folks behind Maggie Joan’s and Gemmills, Moosehead is a laid-back Mediterranean eatery along Telok Ayer Street. Its new dinner repertoire showcases highlights such as burrata with Thai basil pesto and curry leaves, and Hokkaido scallop crudo with shiso leaves.

Price: S$12

Moosehead, 110 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068579, +65 6636 8055

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Truffle sea bream claypot rice by Kamoshita 

The dish: Claypot rice gets an extra luxe spin at Kamoshita, which dresses up the dish with a generous topping of shaved white truffles, truffle oil and black truffle salsa. The rice is filled with sweet, delicate bits of sea bream, and every grain is firm and flavourful — thanks to it being soaked in a stock of sea bream bones beforehand. The bones are imported from Tsukiji market, and boiled for seven to eight hours to create the tasty stock. The claypot rice is part of Kamoshita’s truffle-themed set, an off-menu special available only if you order through Saucy, an online food platform. Click here for more details.

The place: Tucked away in a row of shophouses at Neil Road is Kamoshita, a Japanese izakaya popular for its homemade oden and wide range of sakes. Its truffle-themed menu also features tempting dishes such as truffle-infused lava eggs, and fried chicken chunks shaken in a bag with shaved black truffles. The menu is available till 15 February 2018.

Price: S$49

Kamoshita, 5 Neil Road, Singapore 088806, +65 6221 3950

Crispy Goma Goma Wings by Kabuke

kabuke in good taste
One really can’t go wrong with chicken wings.

The dish: Covered in sesame seeds and deep fried till delightfully crispy, Kabuke’s chicken wings are the perfect comfort food. They’re served with a chunky dip consisting of egg mayonnaise, wasabi and yuzu, but taste just as good on their own. Savour them with Nanbu Bijin Tokubetsu Junmai, a dry sake with lovely floral and fruity notes.

The place: Kabuke is a newly opened sake bar in Telok Ayer with an extensive drink repertoire and equally impressive food menu of rice bowls (during lunchtime) and sharing plates of meat, seafood and vegetable dishes.

Price: S$12

Kabuke, 200A Telok Ayer Street, Level 2, Singapore 068638, +65 8822 5525

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Sara Yap
Deputy Director, Digital Operations (Asia)
Sara Yap is the Deputy Director of Digital Operations at BurdaLuxury, and a contributing writer to Lifestyle Asia’s dining and jewellery beats. When she’s not on the lookout for exciting new restaurants or bejewelled trinkets, she’s probably buried in a riveting read, or reminiscing the good ol’ days with her favourite playlist of ’90s boyband hits.