In a city where spices and chillies take major precedence in our condiment and marinade selection, you can bet that Indian cuisine is one of our favourites on these sunny shores.

No, we’re not talking about roti prata. There’s so much more to Indian cuisine than just the flaky dough: from the smoking hot tandoor ovens of the North Indian kitchen to the richness of South Indian dishes, we’re truly spoilt for choice here in Singapore.

Whether it is North or South Indian, or contemporary plates, we’ve rounded some of the best Indian restaurants that are dishing the heat straight to your home.

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At Yantra, expect familiar dishes elevated with a contemporary twist, making each dish one to remember. For starters, try the Nihari Gosht with makai pulao, a deliciously tender spiced lamb meat gravy dish. Apart from food, they are also serving a modest selection of cool beers and wines to complement your dishes. Islandwide delivery is available.

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Ask any Singaporean where to head to for Indian cuisine, and more likely than not, they’ll direct you straight to Muthu’s Curry. This family restaurant is the go-to and famed for their tantalising spicy fish head curry. Their menu is an extensive one, so be sure to look through all the categories before placing your order. We recommend giving the lamb chops a go — each succulent piece is laden with thick gravy made with freshly ground spices and tomatoes, a perfect complement to a slice or two of naan.

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At Rang Mahal, find mouthwatering plates like the Tandoor-Grilled Seabass, the Lamb Roganjosh and the crowd favourite Palak Paneer. But if you’re spoilt for choice, dive into the set menus to help you along with your next dining experience. Delivery is free for orders above S$100, otherwise, a fee of S$10 applies.

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Nothing is as easy a scoffing down a plate full of biryani. The offerings at Bismillah Briyani are not only packed with flavour, they are also light on the stomach: meaning no after-lunch food comas or an uncomfortable feeling of indigestion after. Still not convinced? Find our honest review of Bismillah Briyani here. There is no minimum order for delivery, however, delivery charges apply.

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Thevar stands at the once-busy streets of Keong Siak, a contemporary Indian grill that really hits the spot after a long day at work. Chef Murugan Thevar was inspired by his travels around South Asia and his heritage to create Thevar, a modern establishment made for the fashionable crowd. Here, get your hands on the Iberico pork chop, complete with sweet Medjool dates, tamarind and mango mustard, or the coriander and coconut sothi that’s made with tellicherry pepper cured hamachi. Delivery is free for orders above S$180, otherwise, a small fee of S$10 applies.

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If you’re looking to try some Bengali dishes, you might want to consider getting your fix at Mustard. Here, find comforting plates laced with the crucial spice (mustard, if it isn’t obvious already), such as the Chingri Maacher Malai Curry, their signature dish of succulent prawns simmered in a coconut cream that’s infused with cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. For dessert, make sure to get the Malpoa, an anise-flavoured semolina pancake that’s signature to the region of Bengal. Islandwide delivery is available.

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