It seems like it’s one step forwards and two steps back recently with growing clusters of COVID cases just a week after we’ve moved back to five-pax dining.

The cluster we’re most worried about? The one from Jurong Fishery Port, Singapore’s largest fishery port that has seen cases spread to other community areas such as Hong Lim Market and Food Centre in Chinatown.

Rising concerns over fish supply have been buzzing around the community, but you don’t have to fret. Singapore is home to a number of local fish farms around our waters that deliver straight to your doorstep. Read on for the full list.

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While Ah Hua Kelong regularly supplies their locally farmed fish to restaurants and businesses around Singapore, it’s heartening to know they still provide fresh seafood to home owners here. According to their website, the seafood you’ll be given has been harvested from the sea on the same day, so you can be assured of its quality. Besides fish like the red snapper and sea bass, you can also choose between a selection of mud crabs, mussels and sweet clams. There is a delivery charge of S$15 per location, and free delivery is available for orders above S$60.

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Ace Fish Market provides fresh fish from an eco-friendly, modern fish farm that floats just a few kilometres off of Changi Village. Now, this isn’t your average fish farm. They champion the use of ozonated and filtered water, which translates to healthy and ethically farmed produce that’s free from water pollutants, vaccines, added hormones, and antibiotics. If you’ve got a bigger family to feed, opt for one of their bundle items. The Ace Wholesome Pack, for instance, comes with two packs of grouper fish broth, one fresh chilled grouper fillet and a pack of low carb thin noodles for a fuss free dinner.

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If you haven’t heard about Kuhlbarra already, here’s a quick recap. The Singapore-based fish farm was born out of founder Joep Kleine Staarman’s love for aquaculture and sustainable farming. Since they are most famous for their barramundi, you’ll find a range of products such as the barra fillet, barra belly and barra fish maw available for purchase. Free delivery is available from S$65, otherwise a flat delivery fee of S$15 will be applicable.

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The Fish Farmer was founded to provide fresh, safe and sustainable fish to the local market. What sets them apart from other locales on this list is the way they farm — they make use of farming techniques from traditional farmers, which allows the fish to exercise with the tides and form a firm texture naturally. Apart from favourites like the golden pomfret, they also supply fish such as the mullet, milkfish, red snapper and sea perch to homeowners via SGFreshMart.

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