Heading back to the office is a controversial affair these days: you either love it or hate it.

For many, working in the office means giving up the flexibility of multitasking at work. When it seems like you’ve finally gotten used to cooking freshly made meals in-between calls, you’re now faced with the daily routine of standing in line, waiting to order your meals during peak (lunch) hour.

We completely understand. After all, just the thought of queueing for 20 minutes, in a mask, without air-conditioning, is enough to make us perspire. If you’re looking for a solution, perhaps you’d want to place your trust in a meal prep subscription or two.

This isn’t your regular food delivery: these meals have a strong focus on nutrition so you’ll know exactly what’s being put in your dishes, macros and all. Best of all, you won’t have to go through the dilemma of staring at your phone the entire morning thinking about what’s for lunch.

Read on for the best meal prep subscriptions in town.

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Maybe you’re trying to go keto, but you’re not too sure what’s considered a keto meal, and you’ve got no time to plan and prep your food. Here’s where Ketomei comes into the picture. The company plans two meals (lunch and dinner) for you, six days a week, no fuss needed. Your meals also get delivered in advance on two scheduled days a week, so you’ll just have to make space in your refrigerator.


We love the flexibility of Grain’s meal subscriptions. You won’t have to commit to an entire week of meals — customers can select their own days and mealtimes, making this a dream for those still on the split teams work arrangement. The menu changes daily here, armed with dishes like the Impossible Hamburg Japanese Curry Rice, the Sauce Vierge John Dory and Basil Thunder Tea Rice.


Your lifestyle goals are simplified with the meal plans at Yolo. Trying to lose weight? Get the weight loss plan. Heading to the gym? The Eat Clean meal plan is tailor-made for you. The meal plans here have also been carefully designed by Yolo’s certified nutritionist and executive chef to help you reach your goals without compromising on food and taste.


If you’re a gym junkie, you’ll fall right in love with Fitthree’s meal subscriptions. After all, they’ve even got a plan with F45 and Ufit so that you can eat right after your gym session. Choose between a three or five day delivery plan, with recurring plans available as an option as well. Meals here are created with local and organic ingredients as far as possible, free from additives, GMO and hydrogenated trans fats. Menus range from low carb to omnitarian and vegetarian.

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