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All the new food and drink menus for August 2020

The pandemic threw a bit of a curveball to the culinary scene here in Singapore this year.

The usually buzzing streets are now much quieter than before, and we saw fewer new establishments opening up on our shores. Yet, this has not stopped other existing restaurants from coming up with new and creative menus to woo the crowd back into their stores.

From Basilico’s retrospective to Madame Fan’s new weekend Cocktail Dim Sum brunch, here’s a spotlight on the new menus of August 2020.


It’s been 12 whole years since Basilico at Regent Singapore first raised its shutters and the hotel restaurant is celebrating this landmark with its new Best of The Best menu.

Back in those days, the glitzy restaurants of Marina Bay Sands hadn’t made a splash. There were no regional restaurant rankings to speak of, much less the Michelin Guide. But there was Basilico shining proud with its cheese room and an inventory that eventually blossomed to include 40 different types of cheese.

Such accomplishments are given homage in this new menu with the likes of the crisp pizza dough stuffed with mascarpone, provolone and a three-milk Robiola and topped with Norcia black truffle. The Sardinian Roasted Rack of Lamb which is unveiled table-side and served with artichoke and sun-dried tomatoes is also just as noteworthy.

Basilico’s Best of The Best menu runs till end of August.
Level 2 Regent Singapore, Cuscaden Rd, Singapore 249715.

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The Butcher’s Wife 

new menus august 2020
(Image credit: The Butcher’s Wife)

One would imagine a world without gluten to be dark and depressing, but if the world knew about the revamped menu at The Butcher’s Wife under Paris-trained and Brazilian-born Chef Mariana, they’d think again. 

Starters like Our Own’s Goat Cheese is a classic French-styled cheese and honey pairing, but is made in-house with locally sourced goat’s milk from Hay’s Farm, and transformed into a thick, creamy cheese using Kefir grains.

The Mini Corn on Fire is a take on the Brazilian street-styled corn-on-the-cob, complemented with an addictive black garlic aioli that left us coming back for more. 

new menus august 2020
Sweet Potato Gnocchi (Image credit: The Butcher’s Wife)

As for mains, hit the Sweet Potato Gnocchi up if you’re craving a comforting bowl of “pasta”. The gnocchi is made from a blend of sweet potatoes and buckwheat flour, then tossed in the pan with a delightful rosemary butter sauce and smattering of local mushrooms for a beautiful earthy flavour. 

The Butcher’s Wife, 19 Yong Siak St, Singapore 168650

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Madame Fan 

new menus august 2020
(Image credit: Madame Fan)

Looking for a fancy weekend brunch but you can’t seem to find one that infuses both your love for yum cha and afternoon drinks? Madame Fan has got you covered: the new Cocktail Dim Sum brunch combines the best of both worlds. 

The bottomless brunch will be served a la carte to guests, and sees a whole slew of dim sum treats. Before digging in, each diner will be served a luxurious Mini Buddha Jumps over the Wall, with compliments from the Chef, that sets the scene for the other dishes to come. 

new menus august 2020
Portofino (Image credit: Jocelyn Tan for Lifestyle Asia)

Dim Sum must-haves like the Har Gau, Shumai, Siew Long Bao are expected plates on the menu, but the other innovative dishes are definitely worth a try as well. These include the Black Truffle Dumpling with wild mushroom, the Spinach Dumpling with crab and prawn as well as the crispy Seafood Spring Roll with kumquat and wasabi. 

What about the cocktails, you ask? Here, find the Yu Cha, a spicy blend of a tie guan yin-infused whisky, shiso vermouth and savoury black peppercorn take centre stage, while the Portofino is a light, sweet offering that pairs incredibly well with the dim sum. 

Madame Fan, 32 Beach Rd, The NCO Club, Singapore 189764

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Stellar at 1-Altitude 

Seared Canadian scallops served with roasted sweet potato, red endives and Australian avocado (Image credit: Jocelyn Tan for Lifestyle Asia)

One might remember Stellar at 1-Altitude for its more formal, white-table clothed space, but they’re taking the “sky-high” dining to another level (quite literally) with its new rooftop alfresco dining space and a new menu to boot. The air-conditioned space on level 62 still remains open to diners, but the alfresco dining area is great for those missing a bit of fresh air after being cooped up at home.

Argentinian Angus beef tongue with herb vinaigrette (Image credit: Jocelyn Tan for Lifestyle Asia)

Great appetisers set the mood for what’s to come, and we can attest that the appetisers here truly got us excited for the mains and desserts after. If you’re one for something different, we suggest a serving of the Argentinian beef tongue, which is first brined for three days then braised and grilled. It is then topped with an invigorating herb vinaigrette made with finely chopped vegetables, capers, gherkins and lemon zest that elevates the otherwise mild-tasting meat. 

If you’re feeling a little more generous on your diet than usual, go for the Wood-fired Sanchoku wagyu OP rib, a hefty option for hungry diners. The F1 wagyu beef from Australia is served alongside beautifully thin Nicola potatoes that have been fried in goose fat and garlic, some pickled baby carrots and a refreshing charred kale salad dressed with sofrito.

Stellar at 1-Altitude, Level 62, 1 Raffles Place, 048616

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Butcher’s Block 

new menus august 2020
Tostadas (Image credit: Jocelyn Tan for Lifestyle Asia)

Butcher’s Block is a great option for those looking for a swanky, meat-focused dinner, but their newly released weekend lunch menu sees the venue as a destination for casual catch-ups with loved ones as well. 

Here, find light starters like the Heirloom tomatoes with Mozzarella and the Coconut Ceviche with Seafood that not only help to lay the foundation for the dishes to come, but also make great sides while you feast on your mains.

new menus august 2020
BB Pizza (Image credit: Jocelyn Tan for Lifestyle Asia)

Four different Tostadas are available for this weekend lunch menu, but we’d recommend the vegetarian Avocado and Corn Tostada, topped with fuchsia pink flower petals for a bit of colour. As for the five pizza options, the BB Pizza is a stunning wood-fired organic lamb pizza that’s delightfully aromatic. Served with tomato, onion, molasses, parsley and mint, the pizza isn’t gamey or too heavy for lighter palates: the other ingredients balance the lamb out perfectly, and was a definite crowd favourite amongst diners.

Butcher’s Block , #02-02 to #02-07, Raffles Arcade, 328 North Bridge Rd, 188719

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