A visit to the wet market has been a long-standing tradition for many Singaporeans.

Besides providing fresh produce, meats and fish, there is a really personal touch when going to a wet market. The stall owners can advise you on the different cuts of meat or fish for a dish you want to whip up, and even teach you a trick or two when it comes to cooking.

Yet the number of visitors to the wet market has been dwindling over the years due to the increased accessibility and convenience of supermarkets. According to a survey done by the National Environment Agency (NEA) in 2019, a good 39 percent of respondents have not even stepped into a wet market that year, a significant increase from the 23 percent in 2014.

Recognising that both convenience and quality ingredients are taking precedence in the way consumers purchase their products, new-age wet market stall owners are going digital to keep up with the trends. Here’s the full list of stalls.

9s seafood

9s seafood (read: Nice Seafood) was born out of Eddie Seetho’s pride to carry on his family’s 60-year old business. He, together with six other friends, decided to modernise the industry by setting up a web market for the stall so that he can bring the personal touch of a wet market online to consumers of today.

9s seafood currently stocks a wide selection of fish, shellfish and squids, and bundles are available for those looking for quick easy selections. Customers can choose between different weight classes for certain products, and select how they would like their products to be sliced as well. Delivery is free for orders above S$60.

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Sin Chwee Mini Market/Tankfully Fresh

Similarly, Jimmy Goh of Sin Chwee Mini Market (also known as Tankfully Fresh online), decided to help his ageing parents with the family business. After a decline in physical sales, he decided to go digital to remain relevant and sustain the business.

Tankfully Fresh now offers a broad range of fresh and frozen fish, as well as ready to cook ingredients and sauces to complement your meals with. Fishes are descaled, gutted and cleaned before being sent to your home, and you can always make requests on how you would like to have them slice your orders in the comment section during purchase.

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Aw’s Market

Aw’s Market started off as a small butchery in 1988, and its owner, Mr Aw, saw an opportunity to bring convenience and access to fresh produce to digital consumers in 2014. With his direct relationships with wet market stalls and suppliers, Aw’s Market brings a wide variety of products of quality freshness to customers.

Besides a huge selection of white and red meats, Aw’s Market also has a neat selection of seafood and fruit, making it a one-stop-shop for many homeowners. Bundle sets for barbeque and steamboat meals are available as well, making it easier for customers to gather their ingredients.

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Purely Fresh

Now that you’ve got your fix of meats, you might want to consider keep your nutritional balance in check with some vegetables. Although Purely Fresh supplies Meats and Seafood, they are mostly known for their range of vegetables and fruits.

Here, find over 150 varieties of vegetables and fruits, spanning a range of root and leafy vegetables, herbs and squashes, as well as melons and berries. Delivery is free for orders above S$100.

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Anthony the Spice Maker

Spices can make or break your dishes. Anthony the Spice Maker is a generational business that started in 1986, creating spice blends for consumers to whip up their favourite dishes at home.

The family currently has operations in two retail outlets in the wet markets of Chinatown and Ang Mo Kio, as well as an online store. Besides spices, herbs and innovating new blends for their series, Grandpa’s Seasonings, they are also home to ready-made pastes that are curated for specific dishes. Don’t know where to start? The website has video tutorials for easy, step-by-step recipes.

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