There’s certainly no shortage of restaurants in Singapore. New places show up on the radar every month or so, offering a promised land of topnotch cuisine and service within their walls. Yet, why is finding a place for a romantic date always such a conundrum?

Because everything has to be perfect, whether it’s for a first date, or to celebrate a special anniversary. What comes to mind is the stuff of fairy tales. Think the whole parade of roses, white tablecloths, candles and champagne.

Truthfully, it isn’t always this same, strict regiment. Restaurants offer much more; a beautiful environment, intimate spaces and an intuitive service team (who know better than to interrupt two lovebirds whispering sweet-nothings).

Not to fret. We suss out the best of the best that’ll guarantee wonderful memories with great food to match.

(Hero image: The Lo & Behold Group, Featured image: Corner House)

Jasmine Tay
Senior Writer
Jasmine Tay is the dining, culture and jewellery writer. She makes fine silver jewellery and causes mini-explosions in the kitchen when she can't afford fancy dinners. Sometimes she tells people what she thinks about art, and binges on the music of Danzig when they don’t agree.