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There’s certainly no shortage of restaurants in Singapore. New places show up on the radar every month or so, offering a promised land of topnotch cuisine and service within their walls. Yet, why is finding a place for a romantic date always such a conundrum?

Because everything has to be perfect, whether it’s for a first date, or to celebrate a special anniversary. What comes to mind is the stuff of fairy tales. Think the whole parade of roses, white tablecloths, candles and champagne.

Truthfully, it isn’t always this same, strict regiment. Restaurants offer much more; a beautiful environment, intimate spaces and an intuitive service team (who know better than to interrupt two lovebirds whispering sweet-nothings).

Not to fret. We suss out the best of the best that’ll guarantee wonderful memories with great food to match.

(Hero image: The Lo & Behold Group, Featured image: Corner House)

Corner House
Corner House

This one-Michelin-starred restaurant is often at the top of the lists of romantic restaurants, but can you really blame anyone for agreeing? The two-storey black-and-white bungalow is a glistening jewel housed in the Botanic Gardens and offers tasteful spaces accompanied by panoramic views of the lush vegetation around. The Whispering Corner, a whimsical space for two by the verandah, is a hot spot for proposals. If you’re done gushing about the place, the French-inspired degustation menus and impressive wine list will leave you and your partner swooning.

(Image: Corner House)


There are a few rooftop restaurants to consider in Singapore, but Jaan offers an unparalleled experience. The classic fine-dining establishment offers a sophisticated space, amped up with stunning free-form crystal chandelier across the ceiling and breathtaking views of Singapore’s CBD. The menu here is an exploration of chef Kirk Westaway’s childhood in England, favouring natural flavours and seasonality and offers some beautifully plated dishes. Think a mini garden of over 30 different types of vegetables, flowers and herbs — a dish that is as delicious as it is Instagram-worthy.

(Image: Swissôtel The Stamford)


Led by chef Julien Royer, Odette is considered one of the country’s most important restaurants but eating here is anything but a stodgy affair. Everything in Odette oozes romance: from the dusty pink and rose gold colour interiors to the stately National Gallery Singapore it is housed in. It’s fine-dining, no less, with a slew of elegant modern French dishes. But you’ll find yourself easing to the restaurant in no time, especially with the friendly service team tending to you.

(Image: The Lo & Behold Group)

Restaurant Zén
Restaurant Zén

Restaurant Zén may be a fresh face in the local fine-dining scene, but it has scored great impressions so far. This restaurant is an experience for those with deep pockets but is unforgettable nonetheless. Dinner progresses across the three floors of its shophouse: starters by the lounge, mains in the modern dining room and desserts at the ‘living room.’ It’s a homelier space than you would expect of most fine-dining places, which makes for a very comfortable environment. Those who aren’t drinking will appreciate the juice pairings offered with the dishes here.

(Image: Unlisted Collection)


It helps that Preludio is located on a quiet spot at the Frasers Tower, which means you can be guaranteed of some privacy. The menu here changes periodically and currently is working on a monochromatic theme. Dishes here are intriguing and leaves for interesting small talk with your partner (read: no awkward moments). If you’re celebrating a birthday or anniversary, be sure to let the restaurant know ahead of time — the kitchen team may prepare a special chocolate pinata stuffed with homemade sweets to celebrate with.

(Image: Preludio)

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