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Snack Attack: All the matcha snacks you have to try today

Snack Attack is a new column featuring nibbles that writers and editors on the LSA team truly enjoy. This week, writer Jocelyn Tan shares all the ways you can enjoy matcha — in snack form of course.

Caffeine has become a mainstay in our lives, with many of us learning the power that coffee brings after one too many all-nighters from as young as we were in school.

We’re not sure how many times we’ve heard someone say “I can’t start my day without coffee” too, and it’s pretty evident from the number of cafes and coffee joints that we’re pretty much in love in the drink.

Yet coffee isn’t always all good; the buzz it brings often leads to a caffeine crash that makes us feel even more tired, which then signals tricks us into believing that it’s time for another cup of Joe. Which is why we’ve turned to matcha. While matcha still contains caffeine, it gives the body a clean high rather than straight-up jitters all day. The buzz from the tea? A lot more energising and longer-lasting, if you’d ask us.

Bittersweet, creamy and nutty aromas that waft up as we savour it — that’s the hallmark of a good cup of matcha. For those who can’t get enough of this better caffeine alternative, we’ve sussed out the best matcha snacks that contain the healthy ingredient.

These sweet treats come in muted amounts of the tea, some a little sweeter than others to get you hooked. Read on for all our favourite matcha snacks to feast on.

(Hero and featured image credit: Payoon Gerinto on Unsplash)


Matcha treats aren’t just for desserts. If you’re the kind who’d like to have some of the bittersweet goodness for breakfast, then the Nissin Granola Matcha is the one you’ve been searching for. The crunchy granola-cereal mix is crafted with real Japanese green tea powder from Uji in Kyoto prefecture, packed with complementary flavours from barley, selected dried strawberries, azuki red beans and soy milk cubes

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A classic combination? Matcha and mochi, aka one of our favourite ways to enjoy the complex flavours of the tea. This airy, chewy option from Bestore isn’t overly sweet as well, which makes it an addictive midday snack that we keep reaching for while we work.

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There are tons of Matcha-flavoured ice creams out there in the market, but you definitely won’t find anything like this version from The Ice Cream & Cookie Co. Besides being infused with fresh, full-cream milk, it’s also studded with chewy bits of mochi that add texture to the creamy pint.

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If there’s anyone we trust with oat milk, it’s Minor Figures. The UK-made, diary-free milk option comes with an elevated touch, this time with high-quality, ceremonial grade matcha to pack a caffeine punch too. Not only does it have no added sugar, this conveniently-packed latte is also 100-percent vegan, so you can have peace of mind whilst enjoying it.

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We can’t leave cookies out of the mix in this roundup. The unaplogetically simple combination of smooth cream and crunchy cookie is one we’ll go back to time and time again.

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