Ever had a sudden craving for something sweet and indulgent? We get the temptation to grab a tub of ice cream or a sad cheesecake from the nearby 7/11 and call it a day. But that’s not going to cut it.

Just as we indulge in the best dining experiences in town, there’s no excuse not to pay the same modicum of passion in the realm of desserts. Picture the most indulgent chocolate cakes, a delicately-plated array of sorbets and sables or pints of gourmet ice cream.

Here, we’ve put together the best dessert cafes worth visiting. These places provide not just great photo opportunities, but also the perfect way to satiate your sweet tooth.


Before Janice Wong’s big break overseas, there was 2am:dessertbar — her first venture into finely-plated desserts. The restaurant places desserts as its main highlight, offering diners the choice to have ala carte desserts or go for a degustation menu with wine, sake and cocktail pairings. Desserts range from classic tart and cakes to more contemporary innovations. A must-try is the unabashedly indulgent Chocolate H2O, which is composed of aerated, frozen 65 percent dark chocolate and water mousse set atop chocolate soil, and served with salted caramel and kochi yuzu sorbet.

The Tiramisu Hero

It’s all about tiramisu at this casual joint, which offers the traditional Italian dessert in various flavours such as cinnamon, matcha, Baileys and Oreo. There are even local-inspired renditions such as Milo and kaya. Comprising fluffy layers of cream interspersed with soft ladyfingers, the tiramisu comes served in small jars. For first-timers, we recommend going for the original option, which carries a subtly boozy kick.

Non-Entrée Desserts

Non-Entrée Desserts is no stranger to putting out some highly-unusual and even controversial desserts. The cafe has been making rounds on Instagram for their novelty desserts that eerily resembles local hawker dishes. Depending on how adventurous you are with desserts, you might find the ‘Nasi Lemak’ — with coconut and pandan mousse ‘rice’, an ‘egg’ made from yoghurt and strawberry coulis ‘sambal’ — fascinating. Otherwise, the more ‘ordinary’ creations like the Ondeh Ondeh cake of pandan mousse and a heart of gula Melaka may be more appealing

Tarte by Cheryl Koh

Tarte was first conceptualised as a takeaway concept for artisanal tarts by Les Amis’ pastry chef Cheryl Koh. Now, thanks to its growing popularity, Tarte has evolved into a proper cafe at Shaw Centre. Must-try creations here are the coconut pandan, dark chocolate as well as the mango with sticky rice. Besides its sizeable selection of tarts, the cafe also offers a few cakes, chocolates and finger bites.

The Dark Gallery

Enjoying good artisanal chocolate doesn’t have to be just high-browed business. The Dark Gallery makes savouring craft chocolate a more approachable activity. As its name suggests, the cafe/boutique weaves in dark chocolate into a variety of desserts such as macarons, cookies and cakes. There are even tasting platters of single-origin dark chocolate ice creams as well as pairing sets of coffee with desserts.


This French-inspired restaurant/patisserie is best known for its picturesque cakes and pastries. Antoinette’s chef Pang Kok Keong finds inspiration in on-going food trends but adds his own creative twist to his creations. In his latest cake collection, Pang reinterprets bubble tea in cake form, with an Earl Grey tea-infused ogura cake topped with salted cream cheese, housemade black sugar boba balls and mango cubes. Antoinette also has its own exclusive selection of artisanal teas to enjoy with cakes.

Flor Patisserie

Flor Patisserie specialises in French-Japanese bakes, using only the best ingredients from Japan, Belgium and France for its pastries. One of the must-orders here is the strawberry shortcake which has the perfect ratio of whipped cream, fluffy sponge cake and sweet Japanese strawberries. The cafe often sets ‘ingredient challenges’ where it introduces a collection of cakes and pastries based on one seasonal ingredient, such as mangoes and lemons.

Sara Yap and Jasmine Tay