Gourmet burgers are still all the rage in Singapore. While restaurants are promising towering stacks of patties and crazy toppings, others are roping in cult names here — think Shake Shack, Burger & Lobster and Five Guys.
Meanwhile, its cousin, the hotdog, is making a relatively quiet comeback to the local culinary scene. Thanks to the return of fast-food joint A&W, Singaporeans are getting their fill of classic hot dogs with beef chilli and streaks of mustard and ketchup.
Like the burger, hotdogs can be more than just a fast-food staple. Singapore has seen many hot dog stands come and go but the ones still standing are committed to using the best brioche buns, quality sausages and crazy toppings to keep diners excited. Here’s where to grab a few. Be sure to order up a milkshake with a hot dog too.

Capitol Milk Bar

(Image credit: Capitol Milk Bar)

The Capitol Milk Bar is Capitol Kempinski’s homage to the popular Magnolia Snack Bar of the 1960s, an old-school cafe offering pre-movie snacks. But instead of kacang puteh and ice cream bars, this American diner-style concept offers burgers, hotdogs and milkshakes. Go for the Classic New Yorker with pork sausage and cucumber relish or their signature Frankfurter with sauerkraut and gruyere cheese. If you’re up for it, order the one-metre long versions to share with friends.

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Fung Kee Hot Dogs

(Image credit: Fung Kee)

This simple outfit, housed in the seedy Orchard Towers, has become a cult hangout for late-night bites and drinks. Founder Knut Randhem keeps the menu simple. There are only three types of hotdogs available: the Classic with Scandinavian-style smoked pork sausage, the Swiss Cheese and the Vegan with a mushroom-soy weiner. Every hotdog comes with the standard toppings of mustard, ketchup and crispy onions. Diners are encouraged to go crazy with other toppings such as Fung Kee’s ‘secret sauce’ or Szechuan chilli sauce. Try the Negroni here as well!

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(Image credit: Hafudog)

Besides the classic hotdog, gourmet joint Hafudog gets inspirations from around the globe. Take for example the Banh Bao, a cross between hot dog and Vietnamese bang mi sandwiches, topped with pickled carrot and coriander. Or, the Soyo, a Japanese-inspired hot dog with nori and soya sauce glaze. Hafudog offers two choices of sausages: spiced chicken or Kurobuta pork.

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Three Buns Quayside

(Image credit: Three Buns)

While they are better known for wacky burger creations, Three Buns applies the same creativity and eye for quality with their ‘dawgs.’ The menu sees some Asian-inspired toppings like bawang goreng (fried onion bits), wasabi mayo or miso mustard. Chilli-heads will appreciate the Phife Dawg, a spice-loaded bite with beef chilli, hot sauce and some watermelon relish to take the heat off a bit. Diners get a choice of smoked beef or chicken frankfurters which are stuffed in natural sheep casing for a better bite. Best enjoyed with a side of fries and spiked milkshakes.

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Be Frank

(Image credit: Be Frank)

This local hotdog stand has relocated from Orchard Road to a homelier outfit in Clementi. The menu here is much bigger, offering burgers, pasta and other big plates. Still, hotdogs remain as their main highlight. Be Frank offers chicken bratwurst often accompanied by indulgent or homely toppings. The Coney’s Island, topped with beef chilli, is an all-time favourite here. Keep a lookout for other seasonal creations too, such as a foie-gras topped hotdog.

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