Sichuan cuisine is hot right now, but Singapore is also home to a wealth of other Chinese cuisines. 

Enter old-school restaurants, conceived by the forefathers of today’s generation. Many of these were meant as a way to raise families, while others yet was built a place to bring a taste of home to fellow immigrants adjusting to life away from their Chinese provinces.

Even in Singapore’s volatile dining scene with a constant flow of new restaurants, these dependable eateries continue to trudge through the passage of time. All by sticking to a tried-and-true repertoire of dishes and a steady base of old regulars.

For the modern diner who has lost touch with dialects and culture, these places have become a mecca to reconnect with our forgotten roots. Perhaps, it is also a way to satisfy cravings for nostalgia, taste dishes long gone from dining tables at home or feel better in an attempt to get ‘cultured’. Here’s a list of places for a good introduction to Singapore’s very own heritage Chinese cuisines.