In his latest quarantine cooking tutorial, chef Thomas Keller shows viewers how to turn two simple ingredients — salmon and spinach — into a restaurant-quality meal.

In the six-minute IGTV video, Keller shares some trade secrets: squeeze out the water from the spinach as you sautée with the back of the spoon or spatula, and baste the salmon with the fat it’s frying in — a combination of oil and butter.

But there is a point of contention among Instagram viewers on one of his suggestions: cutting the skin off the backside of the fish.

The comments are fast and furious, some expressing shock, others, dismay.

“Beautifully cooked fish but the discarding [of] the skin hurt my soul.. that’s a salmon blt right there.”

“I couldn’t focus on the cooking, I kept thinking about the skin.”

“I died a little.”

For his part, Keller addressed the skin controversy by saying simply that he prefers his salmon without the skin.

Overall, the meal, which Keller said he eats once or twice a week, is supposed to take 10 minutes to cook.

This article was published via AFP Relaxnews.

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