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Why tea will make the greatest gift this season

“When tea becomes ritual, it takes its place at the heart of our ability to see greatness in small things,” once wrote French novelist and philosopher Muriel Barbery. She continues: “Where is beauty to be found?”

In 2020, our ability to see greatness in small things becomes ever more pertinent. Christmas this year in the age of a pandemic is different. It’s a time to give pause, to sit and reflect on what has come and what else is to come. In the absence of the ability to see the world or even have gatherings with loved ones, there is comfort to be found while warming one’s hands on a cup of tea.

There’s no greater gift this season than the gift of tranquility. TWG Tea, purveyors of the world’s finest teas has a host of offerings for the occasion in its 2020 Holiday Gift Collection. As with each year, it has introduced a seasonal tea and this year’s comes in the form of the Grand Christmas Tea where black tea is blended with fruit, flowers and spice. These are available in the classic 100 gram canister ($45) bearing the image of cheerful Christmas tree — apt to toast to a season of joy and peace.

Elsewhere in the collection, the Red Christmas Collector’s Tea Tin ($199) would be perfect for your family or loved ones. This red tea is a blend of Rooibos sourced from South Africa and familiar holiday spices like cloves as well as the citrus burst of orange peel. Each striking tin contains 50 cotton teabags so there would be more than enough to go around the family. It’s also caffeine and theine-free so your loved one would be able to brew a cosy mug even before bedtime. The tea is also available in different configurations, including a 50 gram caviar tin ($24) and a box of 15 teabags ($26).

Pair this with the traditional and delicious way of having tea with shortbread cookies. TWG Tea’s Red Christmas Tea Shortbread Cookies ($20) combine the richness of the buttery biscuits with the bright orange notes of its namesake tea.

If the gift you’re looking for is a tad more specific, nostalgic jetsetters would love the World Voyage Christmas Tea Set ($140) that would both recall a time when travel was a possibility while looking forward to the reopening of borders. It includes six beautifully crafted caviar tins each containing 50 grams of tea.

Perhaps greatness is to be found at the bottom of every tea cup.

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All images courtesy of TWG Tea.