The wagyu katsu sando (that’s the Japanese nickname for sandwich) has finally made its mark in Singapore.

The decadent sandwich is luxury made simple, comprising a slab of marbled meat fried in panko crumbs; a lick of tangy sauce; and two slices of crustless white bread.

The wagyu katsu sando isn’t an entirely new concept: it’s an elevated version of the tonkatsu sandwich commonly found in Japanese convenience stores. The premium offering has been around for a few years and can be traced back to specialty yakiniku restaurant Sumibiyakiniku Nakahara in Tokyo, where Chef Kentaro Nakahara first served it as a dessert

Then in 2019, it begun making a huge splash in other Asian dining capitals. Bangkok came first and by September 2019, Hong Kong followed suit. Now it seems the bars and restaurants here have picked up its deliciousness.

Take for instance Live Twice which not only serves up a solid beef katsu sando, but also ebi and cheese variants while Deadfall at Barbary Coast boasts an unconventional TTW (tater tot waffle) sando. Read on for a list of places to visit for the most indulgent sandwiches you’ll ever have.

Live Twice

Come to Live Twice for its selection of classic and signature cocktails and stay for the beef katsu sandwich (S$32++). A thick panko-coated steak sits between two plush slices of milky Hokkaido bread, and decorated with a touch of Japanese mayonnaise and tonkatsu sauce. Order the cheese sando as well if you aren’t satiated just yet; it’s slathered with jam and features a croquette stuffed with five types of cheese.

Tamashii Robataya

Tamashii Robataya specialises in grilled dishes but they know best when it comes to the gyu layered sando (S$78). This restaurant’s version uses A5 Miyazaki beef that’s delicately cooked on a robata grill over hot charcoal, battered in a housemade breadcrumb mix, in then sandwiched between two pillowy slices of milk bread that’s made in-house. Juicy, crispy, and melt-in-your-mouth — what’s not to love?


D.bespoke is an elegant speakeasy-style bar that prides itself in creating custom cocktails and its sizeable selection of liquors. Lean back with your favourite tipple in hand and order the beef katsu sando, which features premium cuts as an homage to founder Daiki Kanetaka’s hometown of Kobe. The establishment also offers the traditional tonkatsu and ebi katsu variants.

The Feather Blade

It might come as no surprise that meat specialty restaurant The Feather Blade serves up a solid beef katsu sando (S$20.00++) . The restaurant uses USDA prime steak rather than any wagyu variants, but the version here still makes for a tempting offering. Slabs of marbled meat are breaded, fried in beef fat, dressed with house-made katsu sauce, and nestled between two slices of toasted brioche buns. The dish is only available on Tuesdays.


Hiryu’s wagyu sando (S$58) is truly something to behold. Thick cuts of charcoal grilled A5 Miyazaki wagyu sit between perfectly toasted slices of white bread. What sets the contemporary restaurant’s offering apart is the generous serving of uni (sea urchin) that’s spread between meat and bread, which lends a rich, briny tang to the dish.

Stephanie Yeap
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