While more and more restaurants set foot on our sunny shores, and dining-in is more or less back to normal, nothing really beats having your food delivered straight to your doorstep.

After all, isn’t one of life’s greatest pleasures in the modern-day world to roll out of bed and immediately head into the warm embrace of a full meal? Don’t worry, we won’t tell your physical trainer.

This week, we’re seeing virtual brands such as Panini Italiani serve up hearty Italian fare, as well as a whole slew of vegetarian options for our plant-loving friends from the likes of Three Buns by Potato Head and Quorn.

(Hero and featured image credit: Da Paolo Pasta Bar)

Panini Italiani by Da Paolo

Da Paolo Group, famed for its casual Italian fare at establishments like Gastronomia and Da Paolo Pizza Bar, is expanding its reach to diners via their new virtual brand, Panini Italiani by Da Paolo. Panini Italiani is the perfect option if you’re looking for a quick, fuss-free lunch fix. Meat enthusiasts can go for options like the Roast Beef, Chicken Milanese or Ham & Cheese, while vegetarians will be delighted with options like the aromatic Mushrooms & Baby Spinach. Each hearty selection of Panini comes with a generous side of fries, and diners can round up their meal with a serving of Tiramisu as well.

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Da Paolo Pasta Bar

Besides Panini Italiani by Da Paolo, the brand has also expanded its offerings with Da Paolo Pasta Bar, aimed to serve fresh, handmade pasta dishes to diners across the island. Besides options like fresh egg tagliatelle, fresh egg squid ink tagliolini and gluten-free pasta, diners can opt from 13 different sauces to savour their pasta with. For an added indulgence, we suggest adding a burrata to your meal.

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UK-brand Quorn has unveiled a brand new home delivery service that will be sure to satisfy any eco-conscious diner. The meat-free dim sum creations come in a variety of options: think BBQ Bun, Glutinous Rice, Shaomai, Japanese Gyoza and BBQ Pastry Puffs that are packed with mycoprotein, a protein derived from fungi that’s high in fibre and contains zero cholesterol with low saturated fats. The best part? No animals were harmed in the process of making your meal.

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Direct To Masses

Local brand Direct To Masses is dedicated to bringing additive-free, premium quality meats right to your doorstep. Thanks to blast freeze technology, diners can now expect crispy, mouthwatering servings of Roast Pork Belly, alongside other options like the Duck Confit and soon-to-be-launched Xmas Porchetta. With a preparation time of 30 minutes or less, these scrumptious treats are perfect for a fuss-free gathering at home with your loved ones.

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Three Buns by Potato Head

In collaboration with Asia’s plant-based food pioneers, Green Monday, Three Buns by Potato Head is refreshing their now permanent plant-based menu with a selection of sustainable options. Creations like the Omni Wan Kenobi Cheeseburger, for instance, is a mouth-watering burger that’s packed with double-smoked cheddar, pickles, bawang goreng and a seared OmniMeat patty in a toasted demi brioche bun. The Fishless N Chips, on the other hand, features Gardein’s Golden Fishless Filets topped off with double cooked fries, mayo and ketchup, and charred lemon.

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